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Match made in heaven? Dating agencies look to cure loneliness in Greece (and all over the world)

 Shedia - Greece 30 November 2019

In an era dominated by the rise of social networks, more and more people still admit to feeling lonely. Increasingly, the search for our other half often involves some form of mediation, whether it’s through online dating, agencies, or singles’ meetups. In Greece, matchmaking is still seen as taboo, yet the number of people using dating agencies is rising. Now more than 600 agencies operate across the country. Shedia investigates the situation for single people in Greece, and also considers different approaches to finding love around the world. (1583 Words) - By Spyros Zonakis

Shedia_Match made in heaven Greece 1

A newlywed couple in central Athens.Credit: eurokinissi/Giorgos Kontarinis

Shedia_Match made in heaven Greece 2

Illustration: Michalis Kountouris

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