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Vendor spotlight: Panayiotis Triantafillidis, Shedia – Athens, Greece

 Shedia - Greece 21 September 2019

Panayiotis Triantafillidis, 35, is a Greek gypsy whose life has been transformed by selling Shedia in Athens. In this heart-warming account, he explains that it was only after he learned to read that he realized what Shedia was. Now he can’t stop reading the magazine and his sales have helped him rent a flat. He’s proud to sell the street paper, and of the racism, poverty, the loss of his father and other hardships he has overcome in life. “When I get home, one thing I do before I sleep is to think of Shedia and the people who gave me this opportunity. They are my second family.” (1018 Words) - By staff writer

Shedia_Vendor spotlight Panayiotis Triantafillidis

Shedia vendor Panayiotis Triantafillidis. Photo courtesy of Shedia

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