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Vendor writing: We need sex education without the taboos

 L'Itinéraire - Canada 01 August 2019

L’Itinéraire vendor Jo Redwitch pens a thought-provoking piece about her lack of sex education at home while growing up in Québec and questions the quality of information provided on the subject for young people in today’s hypersexualized and web-oriented society. “Information and prevention would have certainly helped me take a different path,” she says, so how about sex education without the taboos? (597 Words) - By Jo Redwitch, L’Itineraire vendor

L’Itinéraire_Sex Ed

Young people grow up in a society that increasingly confronts them to overtly sexual messages, such as this mural painted next to a Montréal subway station. Credit: Mario Alberto Reyes Zamora

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