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Alpacas: cuddly lawnmowers in a North German town

 Bodo - Germany 15 August 2019

Indigenous to South America, 23 alpacas have found an unusual home in one German town. Bodo talks to breeder Sandra Busemann about the story behind wanting ‘a couple of lawnmowers’ for the land, which resulted in her family rearing Huacaya alpacas, a most unique kind of farm animal. The alpacas’ wool is used to produce clothing – and some even find a place as therapy animals. (1020 Words) - By Alexandra Gehrhardt

Bodo_Alpacas 2

A most unique kind of farm animal, a herd of Huacaya alpacas in Alstedde, Northern GermanyBodo/Daniel Sadrowski

Bodo_Alpacas 1

Breeding and rearing alpacas in Alstedde, Dirk and Sandra BusemannCredit: Bodo/Daniel Sadrowski

Bodo_Alpacas 3

Sandra Busemann feeding her alpaca herd on her family farm in Alstedde, Northern GermanyCredit: Bodo/Daniel Sadrowski

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