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Artists emphasise Big Issue’s place at the heart of Britain

 The Big Issue UK 12 August 2019

As The Big Issue approaches their 25th anniversary, the sense that the brand – and most importantly the vendors – make up a vital part of a new, progressive Britishness continues to grow. In Heathrow airport, one of the first welcoming faces you’ll see is Big Issue Floriana Stanciu – one of the faces of the airport’s new ‘Welcome’ poster campaign. Meanwhile in Bristol and Glasgow, vendors star in murals to celebrate the cities, and in Edinburgh one artist has painted dozens of vendors. It’s part of a kick-back against Brexit negativity, says the street paper. (802 Words) - By Andrew Burns

BIUK_Heathrow 2

A busker, beefeater, taxi driver and flower seller each feature on the Heathrow 'Welcome' poster.Credit: The Big Issue UK

BIUK_Heathrow 1

Big Issue vendor Floriana Stanciu has become an international poster girl, greeting 1.5 million passengers a week as part of Heathrow Airport’s ‘Welcome’ campaign.Credit: The Big Issue UK

BIUK_Heathrow 3

A mural created by Bristol artists Fetch and Jon D’oh for the city’s Upfest event in July 2016.Credit: The Big Issue UK

BIUK_Heathrow 4

Illustrator James Wilson chose to include Bristol vendor Jeff Knight in a giant mural he created to represent everything that’s great about the city.Credit: The Big Issue UK

BIUK_Heathrow 5

Illustrator James Wilson stands in front of his mural which includes an image of Bristol vendor Jeff Knight.Credit: Big Issue UK

BIUK_Heathrow 6

Artist Karen Bates' portrait poster features 49 of Edinburgh's vendors.Credit: The Big Issue UK

BIUK_Heathrow 7

celebrated artist and author Alasdair Gray chose to include a Big Issue seller in his iconic mural created for Glasgow’s Hillhead Subway station.Credit: The Big Issue UK

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