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Curbing violence in South Africa’s Gangtowns

 The Big Issue South Africa 12 August 2019

Police efforts to curb gang membership and violence in Cape Town are failing. In an attempt to find a solution, South African investigative journalist Don Pinnock’s new book turns existing theories on their head. In this piece written especially for The Big Issue South Africa, he reflects on his affinity with ‘Coloured’ culture, even under apartheid, and how his friendships with gang members opened the door to a little-understood world. He argues that the key to breaking the gangs is giving hope to young people. (1253 Words) - By Don Pinnock

BISA_Gangtown 2

Don Pinnock's book, Gang Town, investigates the future of boys and young men involved in gang and gun culture in Cape TownCredit: BISA/Don Pinnock

BISA_Gangtown 1

Cover image of South African investigative journalist Don Pinnock’s book, Gang TownCredit: BISA/Don Pinnock

BISA_Gangtown 3

Credit: BISA/Pinnock

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