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Opinion: Collapse of Iraq’s largest dam could herald national crisis

 Spare Change News - USA 22 February 2019

Iraq’s largest dam is in danger of collapse, and the country’s government has failed to implement much-needed repairs. Should the dam give way, the resulting flood in Baghdad and Mosul could kill as many as 500,000 people, not to mention causing years of famine and disease in the region. If repairs are not carried out soon, Iraq will have another national crisis to deal with, writes Taylor Smith, an Italian-American freelance journalist working in Iraqi Kurdistan. (669 Words) - By Taylor Smith

Spare Change News_Impending Doom

The Mosul Dam is in danger of collapse due to increased rainstorms. The resulting flood would be devastating. As Iraq’s largest dam, it would send a 15-foot wall of water down the river to Baghdad, and Mosul would be engulfed in a flood. Credit: Rehman Abubakr

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