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Faith leaders join the fight against child marriage

 IPS 29 February 2019

According to a 2014 UN report, one third of the world’s total child marriages (about 240 million) happen in India. Experts cite a lack of awareness and education at community level, as well as poverty, as the root cause. A new iniative is tackling the problem by getting the priest asked to conduct the marriages on their side. Priests like Virayya Shastri are now on a mission to end child marriages in their community, and educate people on the dangers of the illegal practice. (977 Words) - By Stella Paul

IPS_Faith leaders join the fight against child marriage

Indian Hindu priest Shri Kumar Sharma and his daughter Bhargavi read an anti-child marriage poster that says anyone found guilty of a child marriage can get 2 years of jail and fined Rs 100,000 ( US$1,470). Credit: Stella Paul/IPS

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