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Seaweed gains ground as a pillar of food security in South America

 IPS 11 July 2019

An ancient, nutrient-rich and versatile crop could be the solution to poverty and hunger in Latin America, which affects 34 million people. Seaweed and other algae are proving popular and easy to farm in small, fishing communities in Chile, as they are as a valuable export and a healthy addition to diets. But the marine crop is so popular that it’s potentially at risk of over farming. The Chilean government is taking steps to ensure seaweed remains a bountiful pillar of food security in the Latin American country. (1112 Words) - By Orlando Milesi


Zulema Muñoz wades out of the Pacific ocean near the small town of Matanzas, carrying two large seaweed plants she uprooted from the rocks where they hold fast and grow. Seaweeds are an increasingly important part of the Chilean fisheries sector and provide a livelihood for thousands of people.  Credit: Orlando Milesi/IPS

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