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The Homeless World Cup is “a medium for social empowerment”

 The Curbside Chronicle - USA 08 July 2019

As the Homeless World Cup kicks off in Scotland, U.S. paper The Curbside Chronicle celebrates a tournament that changes lives. The players at the Homeless World Cup aren’t on million-dollar contracts, but the opportunity to represent their country on a global stage is priceless. (1009 Words) - By Whitley O’Connor


Mexico Players in the Homeless World Cup tournament, in Glasgow George Square.Credit: Alexander Walker


Bagpipes, kilts and drums lead the way or the opening ceremonies parade.Credit: Daniel Lipinksi


Players from Belgium and South Korea celebrate in front of fans after their match.Credit: Daniel Lipinksi


Norway and Scotland woman teams line up prior to kick-off.Credit: Homeless World Cup

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