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Pao: from street to gallery with a fresh approach

 Scarp de' tenis - Italy 18 July 2019

Italian street artist Paolo Bordino, known as Pao, has become famous for transforming Milan’s bollards into colourful penguins and other playful characters. He started his art back in 2000 after having worked as a theatrical technician with Italian comedy genius Dario Fo and the La Scala Opera house. Now he has started his own studio. He recently welcomed Scarp de’ tenis into his basement, where they found a kaleidoscope of colour. (796 Words) - By Stefano Lampertico

Scarp_penguin 3

The Milanese artist in his studio with one of his famous and colourful penguins.Credit: Scarp de tenis

Scarp_penguin 1

The penguin with tennis shoes, a tribute the Scarp de tenis magazine.Credit: Scarp de tenis

Scarp_penguin 2

Paolo Bordino, whose alias is Pao.Credit: Scarp de tenis

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