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Shedia vendor Stella Mavridou: true story behind Homeless World Cup viral video

 Shedia - Greece 11 July 2019

This is the true story behind the Homeless World Cup viral video of the week. Stella Mavridou’s celebration as she picked up the ball during a match against Argentina on Monday has been viewed more than 30,000 times. It was shared by many on social media, including governing body UEFA and former England goalkeeper David James. Her resilience and positive attitude shone through and she has become a true star of the competition, winning a FIFPro award for fair play. The 59-year-old sells Shedia in Thessaloniki, and was one of four women from the street paper competing in the Greek women’s team. As Stella told INSP, the Greek team were at the Homeless World Cup: “To do our best and to enjoy every moment of this trip.” This is Stella’s story, in her own words… (911 Words) - By Stella Mavridou


Stella Mavridou normally sells Shedia in Athens but this week the 59 year old is part of four women from the street paper competing for the Homeless World Cup Greek women’s team.Credit: Shedia

INSP_HWC Stella 1

Styliani Mavridou wins the FifiPro for day two. With Jackie McNamara Snr and Tony Higgins.Credit: Anita Milas


Styliani Mavridou wins the FifPro for day two of the The Homeless World Cup Credit: Anita Milas

INSP_HWC Stella 2

Styliani Mavridou of Greece in action.Credit: Homeless World Cup

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