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How a 26-year-old Ukrainian took on Odessa's customs service

 Reuters 06 June 2019

A 26-year-old former student activist has been hired by Ukraine’s President to shake up the country’s notoriously corrupt customs service. Yulia Marushevska claims her job as head of customs at the Black Sea port of Odessa used to be such a money-spinner that the going bribe for securing it was $5 million. Her account points to a delicate balance of power in Ukraine, the front line in a new cold war between Russia and the West. Marushevska’s mission to weed out corruption began by implementing strict reforms and firing fraudulent staff. But she faces an uphill battle, she tells Reuters. (1075 Words) - By Matthias Williams


Yulia Marushevska, the head of the customs office at the Black Sea port of Odessa, speaks during an interview with Reuters at a port in Odessa, Ukraine.Credit: REUTERS/Sergei Karazy

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