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What does it mean to acknowledge unceded territory in Canada?

 Megaphone - Canada 06 June 2019

The importance of formerly acknowledging the land title rights of the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast, including the Coast Salish peoples, and “unceded” territory in Canada –lands never signed away through a treaty or conquered by war – is being increasingly promoted in Vancouver and Victoria. But with disproportionate numbers of indigenous people still marginalized across British Columbia, is the current approach missing the mark? Megaphone’s Joshua Hergesheimer argues that while acknowledging unceded territory becomes popularized, the significance behind the words is still being missed. (2451 Words) - By Joshua Hergesheimer

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Audrey Siegl, a Musqueam woman, stands in a Greenpeace inflatable launched from the MY Esperanza. She’s holding her arm out in front her, defiantly signalling Shell's subcontracted drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, to stop. Credit: Greenpeace/Keri Coles

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