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Mexico’s Chinampas – wetlands turned into gardens – fight extinction

 IPS 07 March 2019

Mexico’s Chinampas – wetlands located on a freshwater shoreline that are turned into gardens - have a long history but are under threat due to climate change, pesticides and the expanding city. The systems of growing plants on this marshy land dates back to the Aztecs, and the area is recognised as a UNESCO site. New initiatives and supporters are trying hard to keep the chinampas protected and preserved. (1200 Words) - By Emilio Godoy

IPS_Mexico’s Chinampas

A farmer transports his freshly harvested crops from his chinampa – a rectangular garden on land reclaimed from the wetlands of Mexico City – along a canal in Xochimilco. But this age-old Aztec technique used to feed the local population is threatened by the encroaching city and by pollution. Credit: Emilio Godoy/IPS

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