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Writing workshop in Bayern helps vendors bring their stories to life

 BISS - Germany 14 March 2019

In a writing workshop ran by German street paper BISS, vendors discover how to tell their stories with help from journalists. Here are three short excerpts of writing by three homeless and formerly homeless vendors in Bayern, Germany on diverse subjects such as forgetfulness, the pros of socializing with work colleagues and a second chance at curling glory. (1469 Words) - By Reinhard Walcher, Toni Menacher and Wolfgang Urban

Biss_Schreibwerkstatt 1

Reinhard Walcher.Photo: Sascha Kletzsch, Barbara Donaubauer

Biss_Schreibwerkstatt 2

Toni Menacher.Photo: Sascha Kletzsch, Barbara Donaubauer

Biss_Schreibwerkstatt 4

Wolfgang Urban.Photo: Sascha Kletzsch, Barbara Donaubauer

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