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How internet access can change lives of homeless in Brazil

 Aurora da Rua - Brazil 21 March 2019

A Brazilian NGO in Salvador, the capital city of Bahia in Brazil is fighting to make mobile phones and the internet more accessible to the homeless so they can build their support network, access vital services and look for housing and jobs. Brazilian street paper Aurora du Rua finds out more from a social worker with the NGO behind the project, and also speaks to one of the street paper’s homeless vendors, Lázaro, about how having access to the internet can has helped him. (542 Words) - By Iris Queiroz

ADR_Internet access for homeless 1

Aurora da Rua vendor Lázaro uses a computer to access the internet thanks to CDC's digital inclusion programme.Credit: Iris Queiroz

ADR_Internet access for homeless 2

Lydia Sá, a social worker and coordinator for CDC.Credit: Iris Queiroz

Reuters_Homeless Brazil

A homeless woman sleeps on a street in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Homeless people across the country could soon benefit from grassroots initiatives promoting better internet access for homeless people. Credit: REUTERS/Nacho Doce

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