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Cape Town food project invites city dwellers to dine out in townships

 The Big Issue South Africa 20 May 2019

A new project in Cape Town is bridging the gap between the city and townships, and changing perceptions, by inviting city dwellers into township homes for a meal. The founders of Dine with Khayelitsha believe that inviting strangers to share dinner and discussions about important issues, such as education, with families in the Khayelitsha Township can break down stereotypes about the area. The Big Issue South Africa’s Claire van den Heever joined a trip to Khayelitsha to find out more. (1158 Words) - By Claire van den Heever

BISA_Dining 5

Dinner at one of the houses involved in the project.Credit: Mpumelelo Sefalane

BISA_Dining 1

A mini street party after Match's Dine.Credit: Neo Baepi

BISA_Dining 2

A dinner takes place in Cape Town township.Credit:Neo Baepi

BISA_Dining 3

Arrival scene in a Cape Town township.Credit: Claire van den Heever

BISA_Dining 4

Children attend the arrival in a Cape Town township.Credit: Claire van den Heever

BISA_Dining 6

Learning Xhosa with Craig Makhosi Charnock.Credit: Mpumelelo Sefalane

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