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How a cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart body conquered the internet – one rainbow at a time

 The Curbside Chronicle - USA 20 May 2019

When American illustrator Chris Torres first doodled a cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart body, flying through a starry sky and leaving a rainbow trail, he had no idea it would become a top internet meme and pop-culture sensation. With a YouTube video featuring Torres’ Nyan Cat accumulating over 130million views, the 8-bit kitty is so famous it now has a manager, and has become a full-time gig for Torres. He speaks to The Curbside Chronicle about Nyan Cat’s accession to viral stardom, and how it’s changed his life. “It’s a cat on the internet with rainbows,” he said. “That’s always win-win!” (1073 Words) - By Whitley O'Connor

Curbside Chronicle_Nyan 2

Nyan Cat. Credit: The Curbside Chronicle

Curbside Chronicle_Nyan 1

Nyan Cat. Credit: Chris Torres

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