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Kenya’s young inventors shake up old technology

 IPS 23 May 2019

Young inventors and entrepreneurs in Kenya are coming up with sustainable and innovative solutions to make everyday tasks, such as cutting grass and cooking, easier and more cost-efficient. Leading by example are Emma Masibo and Lucy Bwire, two students in their early 20's. After their lessons were interrupted by a noisy, combustion engine-powered lawn mower, they designed a solar-powered, light-weight alternative to be used at night. Their product will now be rolled out to schools and hospitals across the country, and is inspiring a new generation of innovators. (1090 Words) - By Justus Wanzala

IPS_Kenya 1

A solar-powered mower on display with its inventors, Kenyan university engineering students Emma Masibo (left) and Lucy Bwire, with their lecturer Peter Wamalwa. Credit: Justus Wanzala/IPS

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