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On Indian building site, parents tether toddler to rock while they work

 Reuters 20 May 2019

A shocking image of a young child tied to a rock on a busy building site in Ahmedabad while her mother works has highlighted the heart-breaking reality for working mothers in India. Fifteen month-old Shivani spends nine hours a day in temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius attached to a 1.4 meter tape marked "caution". Her mother says she has no other option. Despite the fact that one in five of workers employed India’s booming construction industry are women, onsite crèche facilities are rare. "They don't care about us or our children, they are only concerned with their work,” Shivani’s mother tells Reuters. (430 Words) - By Amit Dave

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Barrier tape is tied around 15-month-old Shivani's ankle to prevent her from running away, while her mother Sarta Kalara works at a construction site nearby, in Ahmedabad, India. Credit: REUTERS/Amit Dave

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