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Wendy Oxenhorn on co-founding Street News and her life helping those living in homelessness and poverty

 Street Sense - USA 20 May 2019

When Wendy Oxenhorn co-founded the world’s first street paper in New York City in 1989, she paved the way for a global movement that now spans 112 street papers in 35 countries. After Street News folded, Oxenhorn continued her quest to help those living in homelessness and poverty. For the past 16 years, she’s been helping blues and jazz musicians in need to connect with housing and healthcare. This year, Oxenhorn became a NEA Jazz Master: America’s highest honour in jazz. She speaks about her incredible journey with Street News, and what came next. (1403 Words) - By Adam Kampe and Eric Falquero

Street Sense_Interview 6

Wendy Oxenhorn on the Street Sense cover.Credit: Street Sense

Street Sense_Interview 1

AP Spokesman Review December 1989.Credit: Street Sense

Street Sense_Interview 2

Bryan Times February 1990.Credit: Street Sense

Street Sense_Interview 3

Street Sense’s Sounds from the Street podcast producer, Adam Kampe, caught up with Oxenhorn in New York City at “the greatest pizza place in the world.”Credit: Adam Kampe

Street Sense_Interview 4

NY Magazine November 1989.Credit: Street Sense

Street Sense_Interview 5

The Bulletin December 1989.Credit: Street Sense

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