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Refugees reflect on Father’s Day: “It’s very hard when your children are far away”

 INSP 27 May 2019

Father’s Day is not commonly celebrated in Syria. But for Syrian journalist Saad, it has a special significance this year. He fled to Glasgow, Scotland, when he realised his life was in danger but had to leave his wife and two children in the United Arab Emirates. He talks to INSP about his struggles to reunite his family, the pain of speaking to his young children by phone alone, and the death of his own mother back home. This is one of three profiles in our Refugees reflect on Father’s Day package. (502 Words) - By Alison Gilchrist

INSP_Refugee fathers Saad 3

Saad looks at a picture of his daughter who is still in the United Arab Emirates with his wife and young son. He is applying to reunite his family in Glasgow, Scotland. Credit: Alison Gilchrist

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