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Our vendors: Sandra (FiftyFifty, Düsseldorf, Germany)

 Fiftyfifty - Germany 07 November 2019

FiftyFifty vendor Sandra shares her extraordinary life in which she witnessed domestic abuse from the age of five, recovered from a traumatic sexual experience at 18 and found faith in Christianity in her darkest moments. A story she wrote for a writing project about homeless people across four German cities — called Inclucity: Inside. City. Outside — was recently published and is available to buy via FiftyFifty. (1276 Words) - By Magdalene Risch

FIF_Vendor Sandra

FiftyFifty vendor Sandra is a city guide, poet and book co-author. “Very few people expect a homeless woman to be witty and funny,” she says. Credit: Courtesy of FiftyFifty

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