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Portugal’s New Feminist Movement: “Everyone needs to understand what is happening in our country”

 CAIS - Portugal 07 November 2019

A new wave of feminism has caught fire in Portugal – the rise of women and men who are incredulous that gender inequality is something that continues in the 21st century. Reporting for CAIS, João Martins talks to a trio of young women who are part of the new surge for equality. They tell him about the lack of existing school education on the issue, and the direction their fight might go next. (1658 Words) - By João Martins

CAI_Portugal's New Feminists 4

Liana Rego – “feminism has given me quite a number of headaches and sleepless nights.” Credit: Courtesy of CAIS

CAI_Portugal's New Feminists 1

CAI_Portugal's New Feminists 2

Teresa Fragoso, President of the Committee for Citizenship and Gender Equality.Credit: Courtesy of CAIS

CAI_Portugal's New Feminists 3

Matilde Raposo - “Little to nothing is said on gender equality in Portuguese schools.” Credit: Courtesy of CAIS

CAI_Portugal's New Feminists 5

Joana Veríssimo - "We are not the weaker sex" Credit: Courtesy of CAIS

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