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Refugee newspaper is true voice of those seeking asylum

 Bodo - Germany 07 November 2019

After organising a refugee protest in front of Bochum’s city hall this summer, Syrian law graduate Tarek Alaows became suspicious of the way many journalists in Germany portrayed his campaign against failed asylum procedures. As a result he founded Re: Speech, a newspaper project run solely by refugees to keep people abreast of news in their homelands, the status of refugees in transit countries and life in Germany. Bodo’s Felix Hausmann joins one of the project’s editorial meetings to find out more. (991 Words) - By Felix Huesmann

BOD_Bochum Refugee Newspaper 1

Re:Speech founder and law graduate, Taraq Alaows. Credit: Felix Huesmann

BOD_Bochum Refugee Newspaper 2

Ismail Küpelt (far left) and Taraq Alaows (far right) lead an editorial meeting of the refugee newspaper project Re:Speech. Credit: Felix Huesmann

BOD_Bochum Refugee Newspaper 3

Ismail Küpelt oversees the refugee newspaper project Re:Speech based at Bochum’s medical-assistance centre for refugees. Credit: Felix Huesmann

BOD_Bochum Refugee Newspaper 4

Hatun Citkin (far-left) wants to report for Re:Speech on the situation of refugees in Turkey and of those traveling through the Balkans, as well as everyday racism faced by refugees in Germany. Credit: Felix Huesmann

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