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Special report: U.S. manufacturing economy fails employers and workers

 Reuters 07 November 2019

The U.S. manufacturing industry is currently facing a crisis – caught between bosses’ frustrations at a lack of talent to pull from and workers who believe there are too few acceptable jobs. The situation is complicated further by manufacturers refusing to raise wages to attract quality personnel, blaming low financial resources on globalisation. In a telling study across the U.S. Midwest, since the recession ended in 2009, more workers are choosing unemployment over the jobs available to them. The share of those neither working nor looking for work is at 12% - double the figures from the 1970s. (1770 Words) - By Timothy Aeppel

REU_US Manufacting Failures 1

Martin Rangel, a worker at Bremen Castings, pours molten metal into forms on the foundry’s production line in Bremen, Indiana, U.S. June 16, 2019.  Credit: REUTERS/Tim Aeppel

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