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Street paper hits back as Hamburg leader says homeless create “fear and disgust”

 INSP 07 November 2019

Hamburg street paper Hinz&Kunzt; has hit out against a top local government official who accused homeless people of creating “a place of fear and disgust” in the city’s Central Station. Hamburg District Director Falko Droßmann made the comments as he announced plans to refurbish the station and clear it of “people who exhibit disturbing behaviour.” H&K; editor Birgit Müller railed against the statement on a local news channel. She tells us how the paper will continue to lobby district leaders to stop the victimisation of the homeless. (538 Words) - By Cat Cochrane

INSP_H&K Hamburg Train Station 1

Birgit Müller speaking to Hamburg’s news channel in response to the city’s District Director Faiko Droßmann’s comments. Credit: Benjamin Laufer

INSP_H&K Hamburg Train Station 2

Hamburg's Central Station is one of Europe's busiest. The comments made by Hamburg District Director Faiko Droßmann about his desire to clean the station up of “people who exhibit disturbing behaviour" have caused anger and frustration. Credit: Benjamin Laufer

INSP_H&K Hamburg Train Station 3

Homeless Maik spoke to Hinz&Kunzt following Faiko Droßmann’s remarks about clearing up Hamburg Central Station of “people who exhibit disturbing behavior.” "No one is here voluntarily. I would go to work right away if I had a job," Maik said.Credit: Benjamin Laufer

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