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Amid South Africa’s drought, proposed mine raises fears of wetlands impact

 IPS 10 October 2019

Controversy continues amid one of South Africa’s worst droughts in recorded history, as its government continues to permit the construction of new coal mines and power plants in protected land areas. One mine in particular has come under scrutiny, having received the permission to operate in a high yield water area of special environmental importance. The mining companies argue that the new mines will create jobs and sustainability, but locals and scientists are concerned about the effects of further water shortages on communities and ecosystems. (1046 Words) - By Mark Olalde

IPS_South Africa Drought 1

Farmer and chairman of the Mabola Protected Environment, Oubaas Malan, points out his farm from the proposed mine site. Credit: Mark Olalde/IPS

IPS_South Africa Drought 2

A southern masked weaver sits on a branch in the Wakkerstroom Wetland Reserve and Crane Sanctuary, a local tourist destination. Credit: Mark Olalde/IPS

IPS_South Africa Drought 3

A stream meanders through a wetland in Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga. The region is a Strategic Water Source Area.Credit: Mark Olalde/IPS

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