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“We’re doomed, let’s dance”: alt-country truth-teller Todd Snider returns

 The Contributor - USA 14 October 2019

Celebrating his 50th birthday and 22nd year in the music business this week, American singer-songwriter Todd Snider returns with a new album and 26-date U.S. tour. Once known as the voice of an alienated generation that rejected yuppie values and consumerism, Snider speaks to The Contributor about his latest work and upcoming shows. “This is genuinely my political statement to the world,” he says. “If you ask me about the election or the state of the world, I’m like… we’re doomed, let’s dance.” (1963 Words) - By Holly Gleeson

CON_Todd Snider 2

"Music's supposed to…," Snider says, trying to marry his purpose to his process. "If you're afflicted, it's supposed to comfort the afflicted - and afflict the comfortable. Anyone who feels emboldened by it, that's what this is about.Credit: Stacie Huckeba

CON_Todd Snider 3

On October 7, to honour spending half a century on this planet, Snider threw a birthday party with a career-spanning show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Credit: Stacie Huckeba

CON_Todd Snider 4

Todd Snider is a New York Times' bestseller with I Never Met a Story I Didn't Like, a Garth Brooks song supplier with Beer Run and the lead singer for jam global super group, Hard Working Americans.Credit: Stacie Huckeba

CON_Todd Snider 1

American singer-songwriter Todd Snider returns with a new album and 26-date U.S. tourCredit: Stacie Huckeba

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