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PICTURE STORY: Real horror show

 The Big Issue UK 25 October 2019

A liver riddled with metastatic melanoma. A two-headed calf caught forever with its twin chins raised to suckle. The hammer that serial killer John Robinson likely used to smash the skulls of eight women. These real horrors and more lurk in ordinary people’s homes. Paul Gambino’s book Morbid Curiosities lifts the lid on these unnerving collections. (508 Words) - By Laura Kelly

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 1

On the MantelpieceCredit Dan Howell

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 2

Hanging ArtCredit Dan Howell

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 3

A Taxidermied Two-Headed CalfCredit Steve Prue

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 4

StrychnineCredit Sky G

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 5

Reconstruction of the ChinCredit Paul Gambino

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 6

John Robinson, HammerCredit Brian Powell

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 7

All the RageCredit Steve Prue

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 8

“The Blood Queen”Credit Dan Howell

TBI_Morbid Curiosities 9

John Wayne Gacy Pogo PaintingCredit Dan Howell

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