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Move over Picasso: first-ever emojis to hang in N.Y. Museum of Modern Art

 Reuters 31 October 2019

One of the world’s most prestigious galleries - New York’s Museum of Modern Art - is about to make room between the Picassos and Pollocks to display the first-ever emojis. The smiley faces and images of food and cats were designed 20 years ago by a Japanese phone company. Paola Antonelli, senior curator at MoMA, said part of the museum's mission had always been to collect and display timeless art and design: "Emojis as a concept go back in the centuries, to ideograms, hieroglyphics, and other graphic characters, enabling us to draw this beautiful arch that covers all of human history." (294 Words) - By Gina Cherelus

REU_Emojis to Hang in NY MOMA

Shigetaka Kurita, NTT DOCOMO. Emoji (original set of 176). 1998–99. Software and digital image files. Gift of NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan Gift of NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan

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