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Our vendors: Karlheinz (Strassenkreuzer, Nuremburg, Germany)

 Strassenkreuzer - Germany 31 October 2019

Standing at more than two metres in height, 66-year-old Karlheinz Schnabel is one of life’s giants. His life hasn’t always run smoothly, due to the death of his daughter and breakdown of his marriage, but he remains positive. Elected as a representative of Strassenkreuzer vendors, and later promoted to sales director, he’s currently returned to selling the street paper in one of Nuremburg’s biggest shopping centres. “Contact with the customers is just priceless,” he says, with a smile. (589 Words) - By Sabine Beck

STK_Vendor Profile Karlheinz_Photo

Strassenkreuzer vendor Karlheinz remains positive about his future despite losing his daughter to cancer and having himself experienced a heart attack and stroke  Credit: Bogdan Itskovskiy

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