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Student #FeesMustFall struggle in South Africa gains momentum

 IPS 31 October 2019

When #FeesMustFall began to trend on social media platforms in South Africa in October 2015, the government shrugged it off as an example of isolated hotheads. A year on, the student protest - which started over a 10.5 percent increase in tuition fees at the University of the Witwatersrand - has gained traction across the country. Numerous higher educational facilities have barely been functioning in recent months. Attempts are now being made by churches and NGOs to mediate the rising rift between students and the state. (1088 Words) - By Desmond Latham

IPS_Student Struggle in South Africa 1

Police face off with student protesters near the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, on October 20, 2019. Credit: Denvor DeWee/IPS

IPS_Student Struggle in South Africa 2

Hundreds of #FeesMustFall protesters gather outside the Union Buildings, the seat of government in South Africa, to demand free education on Oct. 20, 2016.Credit: Denvor DeWee/IPS

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