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The Israeli choreographer Hollywood stars go Gaga for

 Surprise - Switzerland 31 October 2019

With his ground-breaking ‘Gaga’ style of choreography Ohad Naharin revolutionised the international dance scene. The style has been used by professional dancers and Hollywood stars - including Natalie Portman ahead of her Oscar-winning role in the film Black Swan. Adherents swear by the method that unites instinct and conscious movement. At the preview of Mr. Gaga, a new documentary about his life and career, Surprise talks to director Tomer Heymann who has followed Naharin’s work for over 20 years. (603 Words) - By Monika Bettshen

SUR_Gaga Dancing Style 1

Ohan Naharin’s world-famous dancing style was influenced by his childhood living in a kibbutz.Credit: Surprise

SUR_Gaga Dancing Style 2

A documentary on the life and career of Ohan Naharin and his choreographic style has been captured in a newly released documentary, Mr Gaga.Credit: Surprise

SUR_Gaga Dancing Style 3

Israeli choreographer Ohan Naharin.Credit: Surprise

SUR_Gaga Dancing Style 4

Natalie Portman holding the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2011 Academy Awards. In her winning role for the movie Black Swan she adopted Ohan Naharin's Gaga style of dancing.REUTERS/Mike Blake

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