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The journey from prison to ‘good citizen’: whose side is law and justice on?

 L'Itinéraire - Canada 31 October 2019

The journey from incarceration to ‘good citizen’ is a lengthy process for most. In Canada most ex-inmates are transferred to a halfway house, to insure they comply with their conditions of release and make concrete efforts to reintegrate into society. L’Itineraire meets Pierre, who has been facing this uphill battle for the past three years – and trying to work out his place in society. “First you have the find the line, then you have to figure out on which side of it to walk,” he says. (1880 Words) - By Mathieu Thériault

LIT_life After Prison 1

François Bérard, director of the Maison Saint-Laurent halfway house. Credit: L’Itinéraire

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