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Chicago street paper jobs programme changes lives

 INSP 12 September 2019

StreetWise’s Transitional Jobs Programme was a finalist at this year’s INSP Awards. Focusing on building up soft skills, such as communication, work ethic, professionalism and teamwork, the programme breaks down the barriers that keep many out of the workforce. Former vendor Don Smith explains how the street paper, and the programme, turned his life around. (931 Words) - By Laura Kelly

INSP_StreetWise 2

Former StreetWise vendor Don Smith pictured outside Uptown Station, ChicagoCredit: Kathleen Hinkel

INSP_StreetWise 3

“Instead of doing 100% better, I think I’m doing 200% better. It just turned my whole life around,” says Don Smith of the StreetWise’s Transitional Jobs Programme.Credit: Kathleen Hinkel

INSP_StreetWise 4

The hands of former StreetWise vendor Don Smith, who now earns a regular wage as a maintenance man.Credit: Kathleen Hinkel

INSP_StreetWise 1

Amanda Jones, StreetWise Director of Workforce Development in ChicagoCredit: StreetWise

INSP_StreetWise 5

The StreetWise Jobs Training Programme in action.Credit: StreetWise

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