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"I want to be your eyes": Interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Yannis Behrakis

 Shedia - Greece 05 September 2019

For award-winning Greek photographer Yannis Behrakis, the click of his lens means much more than documenting an instant in time. The multi-award-winning photojournalist led the Reuters team that won a Pulitzer for its coverage of the Greek refugee crisis and says he wants to “change the world” one photograph at a time. This interview is accompanied by some of his powerful photography, which gives a voice to the powerless. (1936 Words) - By John Dawson

Shedia_Yannis Behrakis 7

Yannis Behrakis was awarded the Pulitzer prize for breaking news photography in 2015 for captivating images such as thisCredit: Yannis Behrakis

Shedia_Yannis Behrakis 6

An taken by Yannis Behrakis of Albanians fleeing conflict in the Kosovo War in 1999. Credit: Yannis Behrakis

Shedia_Yannis Behrakis 4

A striking image of a child's hands during the refugee crisis, taken by Yannis BehrakisCredit: Yannis Behrakis

Shedia_Yannis Behrakis 3

"We must live with people who live next to us who are not so talented, lucky, or respect, and if we can, to help them,” says Yannis Behrakis.Credit: Yannis Behrakis

Shedia_Yannis Behrakis 1

A portrait of award-winning Reuters photojournalist, Yannis BehrakisCredit: Yannis Behrakis

Shedia_Yannis Behrakis 2

Since the recording of the refugee wave in Greece until the war in Iraq, Yannis Behrakis has covered all the major events of our time. " We cannot close our eyes to reality. And our world has many ups and downs , not everyone is lucky,” he says. Credit: Yannis Behrakis

Shedia_Yannis Berhakis 5

A woman escapes with her belongings from the destroyed home after the Israeli bombing in Beirut in 2006. "I want to be the world's eyes to these places and to show what is that nobody can say,” says Yannis BehrakisCredit: Yannis Behrakis

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