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Yanis Varoufakis: “Brexit will speed the break-up of Europe” INSP 28/06/2016

Thanks to his persuasive dissection of EU fiscal policy, eloquent firebrand Yanis Varoufakis has become a hero of the left. During the 20th Global Street Paper Summit, the former Greek Minister for Finance gave an exclusive interview to INSP. In a wide-ranging conversation, he warns that Brexit will speed the overall break-up of Europe, and that the continent can expect a worsening economic crisis as a result. In the current climate, he sees street papers as “a lifeline”. He also candidly discussed the American presidential contest, the need for ‘governmental disobedience’, his relationship with Alexis Tsipras… and his love of the Rolling Stones. [NOTE TO EDITORS: the full Q&A text of the interview is produced here so that each street paper can pick the sections that are most relevant to them, and edit accordingly.]

What do street paper readers want? #INSP2016 answers INSP 24/06/2016

Street paper leaders from the UK, Denmark and Greece discuss different techniques for building readerships and engaging new audiences at a time when print media sales continue to fluctuate across the board. Listening to both readers and vendors plays a key part, as well as building a strong brand identity, said Russell Blackman, Director of Publishing for The Big Issue UK, Hus forbid Editor in Chief, Poul Struve Nielsen and Shedia Founder and Editor Christos Alefantis.

IN PHOTOS: Vendor-led homeless city tour unveils hidden side of Athens INSP 24/06/2016

During the Global Street Paper Summit, street paper delegates had the opportunity to see Athens through the eyes of Shedia vendors during an Invisible City Tour. The alternative tours led by people who have experienced homelessness and poverty are run by social business Athens’ Invisible Path. It is part of a worldwide movement of ‘homeless tours’ that show a different side to cities including Edinburgh, Ljubljana, Berlin, Paris, Taipei, London, Prague and Barcelona.

Top five things funders want: what we learned at #INSP2016 INSP 24/06/2016

With funding an issue of growing importance for the world’s street papers, INSP delegates attended an incredibly useful session about what funders want during the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens. The discussion covered the current funding landscape and how some of our street paper delegates can stand out. INSP’s Zoe Greenfield chaired the panel and shared the top five tips she learned.

“We need to be brave”: street papers discuss response to refugee crisis INSP 24/06/2016

During an INSP 2016 panel discussion on the global refugee crisis, those on the frontline in Greece urged street papers to use their unique position in the media to put a human face on crisis and encourage solidarity. Athens Deputy Mayor in charge of Migration and Refugees and a Lesvos Solidarity volunteer spoke of their own responses, while street paper delegates brainstormed how they could help to tell the human story of Europe’s refugee crisis.

Street papers agree key to successful campaigns lies with vendors INSP 24/06/2016

During the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens, INSP delegates agreed that putting vendors at the heart of campaigns can be vital to influencing change and challenging perceptions. An inspiring panel discussion introduced highly successful campaigns from street papers in Denmark, Sweden and the USA. They include an insightful, vendor-focussed calendar, a superhero-inspired viral video and an intense lobbying campaign that effectively saved a street paper in Nashville.

Street paper delegates 100% inspired as we look ahead to #INSP2017 in Manchester INSP 24/06/2016

An incredible 100% of INSP delegates said they had been inspired by the 2016 Global Street Paper Summit programme of talks, workshops and networking in the vibrant city of Athens. Every one of our 120 delegates also said they would recommend the summit to other street paper staff, and 100% made useful new contacts. UK street paper Big Issue North was also officially announced as the host street paper for next year’s summit, which will take place in Manchester, UK.

Street paper delegates “overwhelmed” and “humbled” at Athens refugee camp INSP 24/06/2016

Increasing numbers of refugees look to street papers across Europe for support. A research visit to Eleonas Refugee Camp during the INSP Summit in Athens was an eye-opening and humbling experience for street paper delegates. The camp provides shelter for 2,300 refugees, who have a relative degree of freedom compared to other refugee camps. INSP delegates reflect on the experience.

Grassroots social enterprises in Athens help feed Greeks on the breadline INSP 24/06/2016

Social enterprise was once an unknown concept in Greece. But in response to the economic crisis, grassroots solutions have flourished. Increasing numbers rely on small organisations to put food on their tables. At the 2016 INSP Summit in Athens, delegates heard how three leading social enterprises are using innovative ways to feed Greeks living on the breadline, including vendors of the Greek street paper Shedia.

INSP Awards 2016 winners revealed in Athens INSP 24/06/2016

The winners of the INSP Awards 2016 have been revealed during the Global street Paper Summit in Athens. Street paper delegates celebrated innovation and excellence across INSP’s 112 street papers, with 11 awards highlighting the best articles, covers, projects and campaigns produced across the international network. Congratulations to all the winners and highly commended finalists.

Meet our Summit hosts Shedia: the raft keeping Greece’s poor and homeless afloat INSP 03/06/2016

From 14-16 June, delegates from the street paper network will gather in Athens for the INSP summit, co-hosted by Greek street paper Shedia. We caught up with the paper’s founder and editor Christos Alefantis to discover how Shedia has managed to keep hope afloat in Greece during the ongoing social-economic crisis, and what its support means to people like vendor Lefteris.

Refugees reflect on Father’s Day: “It’s very hard when your children are far away” INSP 27/05/2016

Father’s Day is not commonly celebrated in Syria. But for Syrian journalist Saad, it has a special significance this year. He fled to Glasgow, Scotland, when he realised his life was in danger but had to leave his wife and two children in the United Arab Emirates. He talks to INSP about his struggles to reunite his family, the pain of speaking to his young children by phone alone, and the death of his own mother back home. This is one of three profiles in our Refugees reflect on Father’s Day package.

Refugees reflect on Father’s Day: “Is my son going to forget me?” INSP 27/05/2016

Yacob fled to the UK after he survived torture and detention in Eritrea. He is currently homeless in Glasgow, Scotland, and has not seen his wife and son for five years. Yacob’s wife will soon join him in Scotland but reuniting with his son seems impossible, he says. As Father’s Day approaches, Yacob tells INSP how he escaped from Eritrea and his fears of losing his son forever. This is one of three profiles in our Refugees reflect on Father’s Day package.

Refugees reflect on Father’s Day: family reunites over Syrian sweets and shortbread in Glasgow INSP 27/05/2016

Munir Emkideh fled from Syria to the UK in 2012. Like many fathers, he was forced to leave his family behind. After one frustrating and anxious year, Munir was finally reunited with his wife and four children in Glasgow, Scotland, with help from the Red Cross. He reflects on his struggles to bring his family to safety, and his hopes for the future. This is one of three profiles in our Refugees reflect on Father’s Day package.

Joy and heartbreak as refugees in Scotland reflect on Father’s Day INSP 27/05/2016

Father’s Day is a cause for happiness and celebration around the world. But not for families torn apart by war and conflict. In Glasgow, Scotland, INSP’s Alison Gilchrist speaks to three men separated from their families after being forced to flee for their lives in Eritrea and Syrian. They speak of their struggles to reunite their families, and the heartbreak of being apart from their children on Father’s Day. This package contains an introduction and three profile interviews.

Homeless World Cup Glasgow: full draw revealed ahead of 2016 contest INSP 27/05/2016

This summer, 512 players from 52 nations will gather in Glasgow, Scotland, to compete in the 14th Homeless World Cup. The managers of Scotland’s national sides, Gordon Strachan and Anna Signeul, recently revealed the draw for the tournament’s group stages alongside former Team Scotland players, including Robert O’Hare. A former tournament champion, Robert explains the power and importance of the “life-changing” tournament, which continues to have strong connections to INSP and the global street paper network.

Special anniversary edition of L’Itinéraire is 100% vendors – literally INSP 20/05/2016

To celebrate its anniversary, Montreal street paper L’Itinéraire invited its talented vendors to take charge of the paper for a very special edition. As its name suggests, 100% Vendors is written and designed entirely by vendors. It is the result of three months’ of workshops in which top journalists in Montreal mentored vendors. Editor Josée Panet-Raymond talks to INSP about the project’s future and the importance of getting vendors involved in their street paper.

Outpouring of public support to help Megaphone “change the story on homelessness” INSP 20/05/2016

Canadian street paper Megaphone is to deliver an in-depth investigation into ending homelessness after their crowdfunding campaign to fund the project raised an incredible $10,000 in 36 hours. The paper will use the money to hire a dedicated journalist to produce solutions-based reporting on the homelessness crisis in British Columbia. “This project will create impactful journalism that drives change thanks to the amazing community behind Megaphone,” Operations Manager Jessica Hannon told INSP.

German street paper raises money for vendors through bottle recycling scheme INSP 16/05/2016

German street paper TagesSatz has raised more than €10,000 in the last year through a scheme that encourages supermarket customers to donate their refunds from recycling bottles. By placing bright red collection boxes next to popular bottle-recycling machines in local supermarkets, TagesSatz has brought in the money it needs to provide essential support for the paper’s team. INSP learns how the bottle recycling scheme benefits street paper vendors.

Big Issue vendors gain essential language skills – over tea and scones INSP 16/05/2016

Over tea and scones in a small café in Glasgow, Scotland, a new project is giving Big Issue vendors the language skills they need to sell more magazines, and move on to other jobs. INSP paid a visit to Milk Café to find out how Polish vendor Sebastian Rudkiewicz is benefiting.

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