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Katrina 10 years on: Katrina's Lower Ninth, then and now Reuters 30/08/2015

Ten years ago Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood. This Reuters series depicts shocked residents returning to their desolated homes in the wake of the natural disaster, and offers a glimpse of what the neighbourhood looks like ten year on.

Japan finger frostbite victim exposes Nepali desperation to revive Everest climbs Reuters 30/08/2015

A Japanese man has become the unlikely face of Nepal's desperate efforts to revive its climbing industry, seeking to conquer Everest alone for the first time since 18 people were killed in April - and since he lost all his fingertips to frostbite. But while his adventure offers a small glimmer of hope for the country’s tourism industry, other mountaineers say Nobukazu Kuriki is taking too big a gamble.

Katrina 10 years on: A decade after Katrina, Bourbon Street is rocking again Reuters 30/08/2015

Eight days after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, all of its 800 or so restaurants were shut. A decade on, more than 1,400 restaurants in the city’s metropolitan area plying millions of tourists with po'boy sandwiches, gumbo and other Creole dishes that have made the region famous. While other areas of the city have not fared so well, the dining boom reflects a remarkable bounce-back for the travel industry, an economic pillar of the city that took the brunt of the costliest storm in U.S. history, reports Reuters.

Photo series: The art of war Reuters 30/08/2015

Amid the rubble of bombed-out buildings in the world’s most volatile war zones, politically charged murals and graffiti offer ground-level views of the conflict. This Reuters photo series captures murals and graffiti that chronicle the violence, fear and oppression felt by those trapped on the front line.

Street artist Banksy's 'Dismaland' is 'escape from mindless escapism' Reuters 23/08/2015

Britain's newest theme park, "Dismaland" has finally opened its doors. The "Bemusement Park" in Weston-super-Mare, an English seaside town, was created by British street artist Banksy and its ‘attractions’ carry his subversive statements and epigrams on Western culture, the media, capitalism and extreme disparities of wealth. Highlights include a decrepit castle, a merry-go-round horse set to be cooked and model boats on a pool full of refugees. The secretive artist, famed for his ironic murals in unexpected places, says his work isn’t a swipe at Disney, rather "a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism".

MH370 debris exposes divisions over air crash investigations Reuters 23/08/2015

For decades, reconstructions of disasters by specialist safety investigators have been seen as crucial to making aviation safer, with accident rates at historically low levels. But in dozens of countries, notably France, they exist in uneasy co-habitation with separate criminal inquiries. Reuters investigates how air crash investigators risk being sidelined in a tussle to unlock the secrets of lost flight MH370, fuelling concerns that their role in making flying safer could be diminished.

Breaking taboo, Jerusalem Palestinians seek Israeli citizenship Reuters 23/08/2015

While Israel regards East Jerusalem as part of Israel, the estimated 300,000 Palestinians that live there do not. Yet increasing numbers of Palestinians are making the difficult decision to become Israeli citizens in the hopes it will make their lives easier in a city where political and religious tensions are high. Reuters reports.

Pope's climate push at odds with U.S. Catholic oil investments Reuters 17/08/2015

Pope Francis heartened environmentalists around the world in June when he urged immediate action to save the planet from the effects of climate change, declaring that the use of fossil fuels should be replaced. But his words are at odds with some of the largest American Catholic organizations that have millions of dollars invested in oil and gas energy companies. These investments reportedly help fund church operations and pay clergy salaries. Reuters reports.

Goats and herbs: Germans get back to basics in deserted Bulgarian village Reuters 17/08/2015

The crumbling village of Odrintsi in southeastern Bulgaria has seen its population swell overnight after a group of 22 people from Germany gave up their day jobs to pursue a new life closer to nature in the village which was home to just five people, 230 goats and has no electricity. The group – led by carpenter-turned-shaman Juergen Hummes - is learning Bulgarian and is effusive about the welcome they have received from the locals, who are clearly delighted to have new neighbors. “We just want to live a life that is as close to nature as possible," said one member, a former nurse.

Special Report: How smuggled workers power 'Made in China' Reuters 10/08/2015

The factory towns of southern China that make goods for export have been dubbed “the workshop of the world”. With rising blue collar wages, factory bosses are increasingly on the prowl for cheap labour. The smuggling of illegal workers from Vietnam across the 1,400-km (840-mile) border into China is on the rise. Visits by Reuters to a half-dozen factory towns in southern China revealed the employment of illegal workers from Vietnam is widespread, and authorities often turn a blind eye to their presence.

The 'Jungle' migrants of Calais: a day in the life Reuters 10/08/2015

Governments in Britain and France are coming under increasing pressure to deal with the growing migrant crisis in Calais, France, where thousands of migrants live in squalor in a makeshift camp known as The Jungle. At night, many continue their desperate bid to enter the UK via the underground Channel Tunnel. Reuters journalists and photographers captured daily in the life in France’s first state-sanctioned migrant slum, home to approximately 3,000 people.

Photo series: Gangland El Salvador Reuters 03/08/2015

Tens of thousands of children in El Salvador flee their homes each year to escape gang violence, and the government is "either unwilling or unable" to protect them from persecution, says U.S.-based advocacy group Refugees International. El Salvador recorded 594 murders in May alone, believed to be the deadliest month since the country's civil war ended in 1992.The gangs impose control through extortion, sexual violence, threats, killings and forced recruitment of children. This article is accompanied by a Reuters photo series depicting the gangs of El Salvador.

In rise of U.S. vape shops, owners eye new marijuana market Reuters 03/08/2015

Vaping devices have gone mainstream as the industry pushes them as an alternative to tobacco. As the number of U.S. vape shops soars, owners are seeking to capitalize not only on the vaping trend, but on the more widespread, and legal, use of medical marijuana. At many vape shops, new customers are typically older nonsmokers suffering from serious illness. Patients say they prefer the vaping device for marijuana rather than smoking because they believe it’s a safer alternative, Reuters reports.

Photo series: 'Crazy' Kenyan grannies use tricks to save themselves from rape Reuters 03/08/2015

Across Nairobi, more than 200 elderly women, aged up to 105, are learning self-defence to protect themselves against rape, which is widespread in Kenya, particularly in its slums. The 'cucus' or grandmas in the local Kikuyu language, who are too frail to learn physical moves, including poking an assailant in the eyes or whacking them in groin with a walking stick, employ another weapon - feigning madness. For many, the skills could be lifesaving. When the program first started, two or three elderly women in the Korogocho slum were being raped each month, with some being gang-raped to death. Reuters reports.

New York paupers' cemetery opens to mourners for first time Reuters 27/07/2015

New York City's Hart Island is home to one of the United States' largest paupers' cemeteries. With about 1 million people buried there it is the largest tax-funded cemetery in the world. For years, city rules confined mourners to a small memorial gazebo tucked away on the island's corner. But following the recent settlement of a class-action lawsuit, authorities have finally begun ferrying relatives to the island to pay their respects at the gravesides.

Special Report: Inside Thailand's trafficking crackdown Reuters 27/07/2015

The discovery of scores of mass graves on the Thai-Malaysia border has raised questions over the long-term effectiveness of Thailand’s crackdown on resilient and lucrative trafficking syndicates, which continue to prey on the Rohingya people fleeing poverty and oppression in Myanmar. The U.S. State Department identified Thailand in June 2014 as one of the world’s worst trafficking offenders. Despite recent efforts to enforce an anti-trafficking crackdown, Thailand’s conviction rates remain lower than recent years. Reuters reports.

China meat smuggling crackdown stokes risky underground trade Reuters 20/07/2015

In China, the world's top meat consumer, a growing demand for meat that is unsated by local produce or approved imports has spawned an underground industry of part-time smugglers. Known as "feet" within the trade, their business has boomed since Beijing launched a crackdown on meat smuggling last year. The scale of the smuggling has infuriated legitimate exporters from countries such as Australia, who say black market meat is 30-60 percent cheaper due to high import duties, while the methods now being used raise consumer health concerns. Reuters investigates.

Cambodia uses 'life-saving' rats to sniff out deadly landmines Reuters 20/07/2015

Rats may not be the most loved species on the planet but in Cambodia, they’re saving lives. An elite team of rodents are being trained to sniff out landmines that still dot the countryside after decades of conflict. The rats can sniff out mines within minutes, work that could have taken up five days for humans with metal detectors. Landmines and explosive remnants of war have killed 19,684 people in the country since 1979. Yet the landmines pose no danger to this new breed of deminers as rats are not heavy enough to trigger an explosion.

For Gazans, fence with Israel is a leap into the unknown Reuters 13/07/2015

A rising number of Palestinians living in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip are trying their luck at jumping the fence from Gaza into Israel. Poverty and the lack of prospects in Gaza are driving young people to take ever-greater risks. Barely a week goes by without a report from Israeli security forces of another attempt. Those caught can face months and years in jail but for some teenagers, jail may be more appealing than life in Gaza. Reuters reports.

Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii, pilot sets nonstop record Reuters 13/07/2015

A Swiss man attempting to circumnavigate the globe with an aircraft powered only by the sun's energy made history after a record-breaking five-day non stop solo flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii. The Solar Impulse 2 is the first aircraft to fly day and night without any fuel. The plane took 12 years to create and since becoming airborne, it has broken records for heights and distances traveled by a manned solar plane. Its makers hope to encourage governments to replace pollutants with clean technology

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