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Wedding in a Mogadishu camp Reuters 19/09/2016

Some 400 families live in Rajo camp in Somalia's capital Mogadishu. It is home for internally displaced people in the African nation, which has been gripped by famine and violence for much of the last 25 years. It was also the backdrop to Mohamed Noor and Huda Omar’s wedding. "Life is about who you marry, not the type of home you live in," said the bride. "I love him."

Transgender patients face fear and stigma in the doctor's office Reuters 19/09/2016

Many transgender people report being harassed, ridiculed or even assaulted in the doctor’s office. Society is gradually learning the basics of gender identity, but the medical profession has been slow to adapt, according to leaders in transgender medicine, transgender advocates and patients. Tanya Walker had lung cancer and was coughing up blood, but she says her emergency room doctor kept asking about her genitals. "It seemed like they weren't going to treat me unless I told them what genitals I had," she says.

Tensions rise in Germany's Turkish diaspora, mirroring splits in Turkey Reuters 12/09/2016

Tensions are rising among the community of three million people with a Turkish background in Germany, following the failed attempted political coup against Turkey’s leadership in July. The community has spilt into supporters of President Tayyip Erdoğan and his opponents. With Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy still under fire and at the forefront of German minds, the rivalries raise questions about the success of the integration of Turks, some of whom have lived in Germany for decades.

The ‘Botox Police’: the FDA criminal office draws fire over drug import crackdown Reuters 12/09/2016

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations has spent thousands of hours pursuing foreign-imported, mis-labelled drugs. An investigation by Sarah N. Lynch for Reuters makes links between the fact more than half of all OCI cases end without charges and critics’ contentions that a string of agency policies protect drug makers as much as consumers.

In a Lebanese village, civil war scars fade slowly Reuters 05/09/2016

The village of Brih in Lebanon has been home to both Christians and Druze – adherents to a small but influential offshoot of Islam that emerged in the 11th century – for generations. But when Lebanon descended into civil war in the 1970s, the two communities found themselves pitted against each other. It took the accidental death of local man and the revival of a local tradition to carry his coffin together to heal old wounds. Twenty-six years after the end of Lebanon's civil war, the story of Brih is a reminder of how long it can take to stitch together societies torn apart by war.

U.S. fights Zika mosquitoes with limited arsenal Reuters 05/09/2016

The arrival in Florida of Zika – the virus that can cause crippling birth defect microcephaly – has highlighted the limitations of the U.S mosquito control arsenal. This Reuters report reveals the economic difficulty in encouraging companies to develop pesticides for use in public health outbreaks. Michael Doyle, director of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District says: "We're kind of caught off guard."

Enslaved in Libya: One woman’s extraordinary escape from Islamic State Reuters 29/08/2016

Islamic State fighters in Libya have abducted at least 540 refugees in six separate ambushes over the past 18 months. Many of the women captives are being turned into sex slaves to reward the extremist group’s warriors. Reuters heard first-hand accounts from nine such women, now seeking asylum in Europe. Their stories are the first corroborated accounts of how Islamic State turns refugee women into sex slaves, using them as human currency to attract and reward fighters in Libya.

World's largest cemetery grows bigger as Shi'ite militias bury their dead Reuters 29/08/2016

"Peace Valley" cemetery in Iraq is the largest graveyard in the world. As so-called Islamic State continues its campaign of violence, it is growing at double its usual rate. This Reuters photo series shows the scale of the burials.

Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads and sewers Reuters 22/08/2016

Even as Japanese authorities insist they leave, Kurdish migrants are working without permits on tax-funded government projects. Japan’s strict immigration rules combined with a shrinking work population has spawned a black market in labour. They inhabit a legal twilight zone, locked in lengthy struggles with an immigration system that recognised just 27 people as refugees last year. Like most Kurds, Balibay is on provisional release work without contracts, is paid in cash and can be laid off without warning.

Firefighters make leap to smokejumping Reuters 22/08/2016

At Winthrop in northern Washington state, rookies are drilled through a five-week training programme to become smokejumpers – firefighters who arrive by parachute to extinguish forest fires. On one hot day in June, Washington resident and freelance photographer, David Ryder, captured what it takes to be “the elite of the elite.”

Tempers flare as temperatures soar at Rome's 'Gloomy Street' migrant centre Reuters 12/08/2016

With Rome feeling the heat of soaring temperatures this summer, volunteers have set up a camp for boat migrants from Africa in sight of one of the city’s busy train stations. Known as the Baobab centre, scenes of men, women and children sleeping on mattresses in the road have become commonplace. With local residents voicing their frustrations of the rising numbers of migrants and lack of sanitary facilities and security, pressure is being focused on city government officials to find more suitable shelter locations.

Parents who insist on vegan diet for children may risk jail in Italy Reuters 12/08/2016

Conservative Italian parliamentarian Elvira Savino is fighting to enact laws that would see parents who insist on a vegan diet for their children risk up to four years in jail. "I just find it absurd that some parents are allowed to impose their will on children in an almost fanatical, religious way, often without proper scientific knowledge or medical consultation," she said.

Away from spotlight, U.S. manufacturers battle back from 'China shock' Reuters 08/08/2016

China's emergence as the world's low-cost producer and export superpower in 2001 dealt a heavy blow to traditional industrial communities in the US. Poverty levels doubled in some areas. But some of the places hardest hit by the "China shock", including the furniture hub of Hickory in North Carolina, are beginning to claw back jobs. Reuters reports from Hickory, where 2,800 manufacturing jobs have been created since 2010.

Syrian athletes’ Olympic dreams Reuters 08/08/2016

Syria is sending seven athletes to Rio to compete in the Olympics Games this month. But the selection committee is run by the government of President Bashar al-Assad, so those in rebel-held areas are excluded. Reuters meets Syrian athletes who sacrificed their careers to fight against the government – and those who are competing as part of the refugee team. [Includes photo series.]

Aspiring priest brings youth to the "Gang of Christ" Reuters 01/08/2016

In the troubled fringes of the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, an aspiring priest is using his faith to reach out to young gang members and at-risk youth, and bring them into his "Gang of Christ." It is a risky vocation, but deacon Jose Luis Guerra says "My alba is my shield", referring to his white religious robes. Reuters joins him on a tours the city’s backstreets with some of his 15 fellow missionaries, two-thirds of whom are ex-gang members themselves.

Rio's kite runners Reuters 01/08/2016

Some 40 billion reais ($12.3 billion) has been spent on projects for Rio to host South America's first Olympic Games, which kick off on August 5. But for those who live in the slums of the sprawling metropolis of roughly 12 million people, there are few public spaces for sports or recreation. However, kite flying enthusiasts have found an unusual retreat – the city’s cemetery, far removed from the streets, where gunfights can break out among the city's rival drug gangs and police.

Palestinian Doctor Dolittle cares for Gaza's stray dogs Reuters 25/07/2016

Among the many problems Gaza faces, from conflict to homelessness, power cuts and a lack of fresh water, Saeed el-Aer has dedicated himself to an unusual one: stray dogs. He has spent months and thousands of dollars searching for stray dogs, winning their confidence, feeding them and restoring them to health. Inspired by his work, many Gazans are now volunteering at the kennels Aer has created 2,000 square-meter farm south of the city.

From wooden glasses to honey, some Greeks innovating to survive Reuters 25/07/2016

If necessity is the mother of invention, eight years of a crippling recession and dwindling work prospects has compelled at least some Greeks to reboot, switch professions and innovate to survive. Reuters meets entrepreneurs creating handmade wooden spectacle frames in Syros, gold-infused organic honey from the rolling hills of Evoia and a carpenter in Athens who turned to his lifetime hobby of crafting fishing spearguns after his business faltered.

PHOTO SERIES: South Korean troops swap boots for ballet shoes Reuters 18/07/2016

Once a week, a group of South Korean soldiers near the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) that divides the Korean peninsula trade army boots for ballet shoes in a class intended to ease the stress of guarding the world's most heavily fortified border. In this photo series and accompanying story Reuters meets men learning from the Korean National Ballet as they serve their mandatory military service.

PHOTO SERIES: Free at Rio Olympics: 9 million forest-friendly condoms Reuters 18/07/2016

At this year’s Olympics Games, the Brazilian government will hand out millions of free, sustainably produced condoms. The condoms are made using uses latex gathered from Amazon rubber trees, and with them the government aims to not only encourage safe sex, but also protect the rain forest and provide employment for local people.

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