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GO with the flow: Die Realität hinter Pokémon GO The Big Issue Australia 25/07/2016

Sollten Sie in letzter Zeit bemerkt haben, dass immer mehr Leute mit angestrengtem Blick auf ihre Handys fixiert herumlaufen, haben Sie dies Pokémon GO zu verdanken. Innerhalb nur weniger Tage nach seiner Veröffentlichung ist die Popularität von Nintendos neuem, erweitertem Realitätsspiel auf der ganzen Welt rasant angestiegen. Doch trotz seiner weltweiten Beliebtheit bei Millionen Nutzern könnte das Spiel seine Spieler auch dem Risiko aussetzen, unerlaubte Bereiche zu betreten und zur leichten Beute für Diebe und Werbefirmen werden, die sich „alle schnappen" wollen.

Opinion: Give the homeless their vote Street Sense - USA 25/07/2016

The 2016 U.S. presidential election has become one of the most significant (and divisive) elections in decades; particularly for low-income voters, with access to health care and the minimum wage on the line. While the outcome could have a profound effect on people experiencing homelessness, only one out of 10 actually make it to the voting booth. David Pirtle considers the barriers they face to vote, and what can be done to ensure they have their say.

No place to go: Beds in demand for youths with mental illness Street Roots - USA 25/07/2016

Youths with mental health needs who come into state custody are being warehoused in juvenile detention facilities, like Hillcrest in Salem, according to a draft report from the Oregon Judicial Department. Conversations about Oregon’s shortage are moving forward, but progress is slow, reports Emily Green for Street Roots.

“How can we best support our vendors?” German delegate reports on the Global Street Paper Summit 2016 Strassenkreuzer - Germany 25/07/2016

Katharina is one of the editors of Nuremberg street paper Strassenkreuzer. This June, she attended the INSP Global Street Paper Summit in Athens. This is her report of the whirlwind three-day event, which featured top speakers, lots of great ideas – and a celebration of an inspiring network.

Shower to the People puts hygiene on wheels Spare Change News - USA 25/07/2016

“We make kitchens mobile – why can’t we make showers mobile?” Spare Change News Speaks to the founder of Shower to the People, which operates a free shower truck for homeless people in St. Louis, Missouri. The non-profit will soon offer job training opportunities through its sister project Raise the Bar, which will team up with a local soap maker and employ formerly homeless individuals to make soap.

Palestinian Doctor Dolittle cares for Gaza's stray dogs Reuters 25/07/2016

Among the many problems Gaza faces, from conflict to homelessness, power cuts and a lack of fresh water, Saeed el-Aer has dedicated himself to an unusual one: stray dogs. He has spent months and thousands of dollars searching for stray dogs, winning their confidence, feeding them and restoring them to health. Inspired by his work, many Gazans are now volunteering at the kennels Aer has created 2,000 square-meter farm south of the city.

From wooden glasses to honey, some Greeks innovating to survive Reuters 25/07/2016

If necessity is the mother of invention, eight years of a crippling recession and dwindling work prospects has compelled at least some Greeks to reboot, switch professions and innovate to survive. Reuters meets entrepreneurs creating handmade wooden spectacle frames in Syros, gold-infused organic honey from the rolling hills of Evoia and a carpenter in Athens who turned to his lifetime hobby of crafting fishing spearguns after his business faltered.

Our vendors: Keiichi Egami (The Big Issue Japan, Tokyo) The Big Issue Japan 25/07/2016

Keiichi Egami has had quite the life, from working on naval ships, to computer programming. Now what does he look forward to most? “Selling The Big Issue Japan” at his pitch outside a busting department store in central Tokyo. He shares his life story and what brought him to The Big Issue. “Life is precious and rather than falling into despair I thought I better go do something,” he says.

Indigenous villages in Honduras overcome hunger at schools IPS 25/07/2016

For students in the remote village of Coalaca in western Honduras, an education isn’t the only benefit they get from attending school. It’s also an opportunity for them to enjoy a nutritious meal. IPS reports on a sustainable school food project that is having the dual benefit of improving student’s nutrition and giving directly support to small local farmers.

Germany’s energy transition: the good, the bad and the ugly IPS 25/07/2016

Germany is the third world power in renewable energies but the persistence of fossil fuels casts a shadow on the country’s green energy goals. IPS discovers how Germany is struggling to cut its dependence on an energy industry based on coal and lignite, a highly polluting fossil fuel. As mitigating climate change moves higher on the country’s agenda, IPS investigates the power struggle between Germany’s coal industry and renewable energy sector.

Vendors’ pitches turned into offices for viral #Bossnotbum campaign in Nashville INSP 25/07/2016

A guerrilla awareness-raising campaign from The Contributor placed vendors behind office desks at their regular pitches across Nashville. The stunt hit home the point that vendors are microbusiness owners and their own bosses, not panhandlers looking for charity. The street paper’s #BossNotBum campaign was an instant success, and even trended on Twitter in Nashville. INSP speaks to Executive Director Brady Banks and vendor Clint about the campaign.

Success of unique cooperative newspaper proves “truth still sells” in Greece INSP 25/07/2016

During the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens, Nicholas Voulelis, veteran journalist and editor of Efimerida ton Syntakton (The Journalists’ Paper) spoke about his unique newspaper, which is run as a cooperative of over 100 journalists. Now one of Greece’s most popular dailies, Ef Syn rose from the ashes of respected left-wing paper Eleftherotypia (meaning “freedom of the press”). Voulelis said the paper’s success is down to its honest and reliable reporting and unique cooperative structure. He also said there are many similarities between Ef Syn and street papers.

Hope for hard times found in writing workshops for the homeless Denver VOICE - USA 25/07/2016

Denver Public Library is helping people experiencing homelessness express themselves in a creative and safe space through writing workshops. Participants explain why they find the Hard Times Writing Workshop therapeutic. The growing popularity of the group reinforces the idea that people from all walks of life have a need for self-expression, writes Sarah Harvey for Denver VOICE.

When the key no longer fits Big Issue North - UK 25/07/2016

Twenty-one used to be the key to the door – now young people in the UK are discovering the locks have been changed. Adulthood has now been deferred until you’re 25. Before that, you won’t be allowed housing benefit, let alone be able to buy a house. You won’t qualify for the living wage either. Gary Ryan considers how the UK government’s decision to abolish the automatic right to housing benefit for 18-21 year olds could have a devastating effect on a generation already priced out of the housing market – and what it means for young people already in homelessness.

GO with the flow: pros and cons of the Pokémon phenomenon The Big Issue Australia 25/07/2016

If you’ve noticed a recent surge in people wandering around staring intently at their phones, it’s thanks to Pokémon Go. The new augmented reality game from Nintendo exploded in popularity around the world mere days after its release. But despite its worldwide popularity with millions of users, the game could also make players at risk of trespassing and easy prey for both robbers and advertisers, who end up saying “Gotta catch ’em all”.

Pao: from street to gallery with a fresh approach Scarp de' tenis - Italy 18/07/2016

Italian street artist Paolo Bordino, known as Pao, has become famous for transforming Milan’s bollards into colourful penguins and other playful characters. He started his art back in 2000 after having worked as a theatrical technician with Italian comedy genius Dario Fo and the La Scala Opera house. Now he has started his own studio. He recently welcomed Scarp de’ tenis into his basement, where they found a kaleidoscope of colour.

The foster life: in the words of the youths Street Roots - USA 18/07/2016

Bringing together young people with experience of the foster care system, Oregon Foster Youth Connection empowers its members to have an impact on policy in their area of north west USA. Three members of the group recently wrote about their lives for Portland street paper Street Roots. Their stories are revealing snapshots of foster care from the point of view of the child.

“Aussie team spirit” for Big Issue’s Socceroos at Homeless World Cup INSP 18/07/2016

It was a long hike for the Street Socceroos to reach this year’s Homeless World Cup in Glasgow, but they brought the Aussie team spirit with them. INSP caught up with the squad as they took in the HWC buzz. “It's fantastic meeting all the different teams and learning about different cultures,” said goalkeeper Shannon Knegt.

Marlon James: ‘Even when I’m writing about really dark, twisted stuff, it’s still an escape’ Big Issue North - UK 18/07/2016

Nine months ago, Marlon James became the first Jamaican author to win the Booker Prize for A Brief History of Seven Killings, which was inspired by a real-life incident in 1976 when seven gunmen stormed Bob Marley’s house in Kingston. For the late-blooming author it was the final confirmation that he’d been right to stick at it through the many rejection letters that began his career. Since he won, he has barely been back to his home in Minnesota – he’s been busy touring the world talking about his book. But as a gay man, he says he was nervous about how he’d be received back in Jamaica.

Challenging sculpture asks: does society think some people are disposable? The Big Issue UK 18/07/2016

With his latest sculpture, UK artist Maxwell Rushton challenges people’s perspectives on homelessness. Left Out is a cast of a human figure covered in a bin bag – but Rushton says the artwork is as much in tracking people’s reactions to the work. “The art does lie in the viewer and their reactions – or non-reactions,” Rushton says. “Roughly 70 per cent of people would notice it and then out of those, half reacted.”

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