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Dzieci Armii: „Zabij go, albo my zabijemy ciebie” INSP 22/12/2019

Sześć lat po zakończeniu wojny domowej w Burundi wielu z byłych dzieci żołnierzy wciąż prześladują koszmary wojny. "Patrzył na mnie szeroko otwartymi oczami i błagał o litość. Potem wbiłem nóż w jego serce. To był pierwszy człowiek, którego zabiłem. Potem może jeszcze 35. Ale tych mogłem zabić kałasznikowem. To już nie było takie straszne."

Palliative care in Zambia: “People are not dead until they have died” INSP 19/12/2019

Prevention and access to anti-retroviral medicines (ARV’s ) have been the main focus in the battle against HIV/Aids. But what about those who are already infected and, despite ARV’s, have to deal with sickness and pain? Zambian health workers are now being trained in palliative care, learning to take care of both the physical and the emotional pain that comes with the disease.

Double sentence: aids in a Senegalese prison INSP 19/12/2019

In the majority Muslim Senegal, a group of formerly imprisoned gay AIDS activists began educational talks at the maximum-security detention centre in Dakar, despite authorities continued reluctance to implement condom or needle exchange programs in prison.

‘Eco kids’ lead the way to a greener future for Africa INSP 14/12/2019

As delegates from around the world wrapped up the COP 17 conference in South Africa, a group of young eco-kids in Senegal have been quietly going about their own business, getting their hands dirty for the benefit of their environment.

Z vesnice do slumu INSP 13/12/2019

Opouštíme asfaltové cesty a mizíme v hlubokém labyrintu promáčených a zablácených pěšin mezi rozpadajícími se chatrčemi z vlnitého plechu, které jsou pro místní domovem. Daleko od oblíbených turistických destinací návštěvníků Keni.

Šikovné trhovkyně z Pobřeží slonoviny INSP 13/12/2019

Ve společnosti, která ženám vzdělání často odmítá, patří ženy kmene Guro mezi nejúspěšnější podnikatele se zemědělskými plodinami. Přestože zachraňují tisíce svých krajanů před hladověním, jejich práci málokdo ocení.

Gyerekkatonák: „Öld meg, vagy megölünk!” INSP 13/12/2019

Hat évvel a polgárháború után, Burundiban sok egykori gyerekkatonát kísértenek az emlékek. „Tágra nyílt szemekkel nézett, és kegyelemért könyörgött. Aztán beleszúrtam a kést a szívébe. Ez volt az első gyilkosságom. Talán másik harmincöt követte. De azokat már kalasnyikovval. Az nem volt olyan rossz.

Kenyan amputee football team trains for World Cup INSP 12/12/2019

Kombo has just one hand, and Ibrahim just one leg. Together they dream of becoming world champions. World champions in amputee football. In the Kenyan national team they fight for their dream, and against the stigma of the one-armed and one-legged.

사지가 절단된 선수들로 구성된 케냐 앰퓨티 축구팀의 월드컵 훈련 INSP 12/12/2019

콤보는 한쪽 손만 있고 이브라힘은 다리가 하나 밖에 없지만 그들은 함께 세계 챔피언을 꿈꾼다. 사지가 절단된 선수들만의 앰퓨티 축구의 세계 챔피언이 그들의 목표이다. 케냐 국가팀에 소속된 이들은 그들의 꿈을 위해, 그리고 팔 하나 다리 하나를 가진 사람들에 대한 오명을 씻기 위해 이들은 뛴다.

Army kids: ‘Kill him, or we will kill you’ INSP 05/12/2019

Six years after the civil war ended, many of Burundi’s former child soldiers are still haunted by their experiences. "He stared at me, eyes wide open, and begged for mercy. Then I drove the knife into his heart. He was my first kill. Maybe another 35 followed. But I was allowed to kill them with a Kalaschnikov. That was not so bad."

Power to the village INSP 05/12/2019

46 kilometres from the tarred road, a bumpy three hour bus ride from the nearest big town, Chibale village in Zambia can truly be called a remote place. The lack of cell phone, radio and TV reception make it even more closed off. But even here development cannot be stopped. Two months ago electricity has come and the villagers see big opportunities.

어린이 군인의 이야기: “그를 죽여. 그렇지 않으면 우리가 널 죽일테다” INSP 05/12/2019

내전이 끝난지 6년이 지났지만 부룬디의 어린이 군인이었던 수많은 이들은 아직도 악몽같은 과거에 시달린다. “그는 눈을 커다랗게 뜨고서 나를 응시했어요. 그리곤 살려달라고 애원했죠. 그리고 나서 난 그의 심장에 칼을 꽂았어요. 내가 죽인 첫 사람이 그였답니다. 나중에 대략 35명 정도 더 죽였지만 그 사람들은 AK-47로 죽여도 된다고 허락받았기 때문에 그런대로 괜찮았어요.

Ivory Coast's street wise business women INSP 28/11/2019

In a nation where females are often denied education, the Guro women of Ivory Coast are ranking among the most successful food crops entrepreneurs. Their efforts go largely unnoticed, despite the fact they are saving thousands of their countrymen from starvation.

From the village to the slum INSP 21/11/2019

As we left the tarmac road and navigated a labyrinth of mud-soaked paths, we walked deeper and deeper into a decaying mass of corrugated iron sheets that people here call homes. This is a far cry from what many visitors come to Kenya to see.

More ex-soldiers at risk of homelessness INSP 21/11/2019

Tens of thousands of Western troops will leave Iraq and Afghanistan and make the journey home over the next couple of years. Those who then leave the military will face an even more perilous journey – the road back into civilian society, where weak economic growth has made it increasingly difficult to get work.

Vegetable gardens grow opportunities for refugees in Senegal INSP 14/11/2019

What does a woman need to survive as a refugee in one of the poorest countries on earth? Food handouts, tent shelter, emergency aid? For the short term, maybe. But in the long run there are better solutions, like the vegetable gardens in Northern Senegal.

Zambia - a new dawn? INSP 07/11/2019

The recent elections in Zambia not only proved to the world that African nations can participate in a transparent democratic process, but also that 20 years of corruption and stifled political debate may be coming to an end.

Unreported horrors: male rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo INSP 07/11/2019

They are men who have lost all pride and self-confidence and who have been left severely traumatised by their experience. At the medical centre in Uganda where they are being treated, they talked candidly about the crimes carried out against them.

Landgrabbing in Ethiopia: legal lease or stolen soil? INSP 07/11/2019

Kneeling in the middle of a sugar-cane field in blistering 40 degree heat, a young boy is digging up weeds while an Indian worker stands over him to make sure he does not miss any. Red is eight years old and earns 73 pence for one day’s work - less than the cost of using pesticides. By exporting food produced by child labour in Ethiopia, an Indian tenant farmer hopes to earn millions within three years.

Wikileaks and the truth of Uganda’s anti-gay law INSP 31/10/2019

After all the uproar and howls of international outrage, what exactly happened to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that catapulted Uganda into the international spotlight? Did it die a silent death? Or was it shelved, to wait for another opportune time?

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