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Putting (mothers') faces to the violence IPS 06/02/2019

These women are not fashion models, nor are they advertising any product, yet their images look down on passers-by from giant black-and-white posters in the Venezuelan capital. There are 52 of them, and they are all mothers who have lost one or more children to the criminal violence that is plaguing the country.

38 attacks a day take their toll IPS 30/01/2019

A red flare lights up the moonless night at a remote military outpost in southern Kandahar, a signal to land for the incoming helicopter. Bordering Pakistan, this desolate strip of desert is deadly, especially during peak ‘fighting season’ every summer between NATO-ISAF military forces and the Taliban.

Violence, death stalk child domestic help IPS 30/01/2019

"He was a happy child, my younger brother," Mohammad Ramzan, 18, reminisced, his voice steeped in sadness.

Street vendors’ protest sparking a revolution IPS 23/01/2019

There are some unlikely comparisons between the work lives of Mohammed Bouazizi, the Tunisian fruit seller who sparked the Arab revolution, and Francis Tachirev, a fruit seller in Zimbabwe.

Female unemployment rises with education IPS 23/01/2019

Every weekend it has been the same ritual for so many months. Buying the newspaper, going through the classified and the employment sections inch by column inch, marking job offers that could offer a chance, even remotely.

From peacekeeping to partisan policing? IPS 23/01/2019

The image of United Nations peacekeeping operations has become seriously tarnished in recent years, say some independent experts who monitor the U.N. missions around the world.

Corruption fuels public anger IPS 16/01/2019

As a nationwide strike and protests against the lifting of the fuel subsidy paralysed Nigeria for the third day in a row, analysts say the billions of dollars a year lost to corruption in the oil industry could have been used to leave the subsidy in place.

Brown revolution brings new hope IPS 16/01/2019

Picking spots for cattle to graze could reverse desertification and even does its bit to retard climate change, new experiments in Zimbabwe have shown. It’s what is coming to be called the Brown Revolution.

Rio+20: The moment when everything changed? IPS 16/01/2019

Humanity is driving Earth's climate and ecosystems towards dangerous tipping points, requiring radical new forms of international cooperation and governance, experts say.

France steps forward with Robin Hood Tax IPS 16/01/2019

The decision by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to push ahead with a financial transactions tax (FTT) may be a political ploy ahead of elections, but it has the approval of many non-governmental organisations, even as support lags elsewhere.

"Arab Spring" dominated TV foreign news in 2011 IPS 09/01/2019

The so-called "Arab Spring" led U.S. network television evening news coverage during 2011, comprising a total of about 10 percent of all the news coverage provided by the three major commercial networks during 2011, according to the latest annual review by the authoritative Tyndall Report.

Killing heroin with saffron IPS 09/01/2019

Weaning Afghanistan’s poppy farmers away from growing the raw material for the bulk of the world’s illicit heroin has never been easy, but Kashmir’s saffron cultivators may have the answer. A high-value crop, saffron has long been seen as a counternarcotics candidate, but the idea has a chance of coming to fruition with expertise from farmers in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state who produce the finest saffron anywhere.

Fearing the floods - sleeping with one eye open IPS 19/12/2019

The women of Makoko, a low-lying slum close to the Lagos Lagoon along Nigeria’s Atlantic coast, always sleep with one eye open. Many live in fear that when they go to sleep at night they will wake to flooded homes and business

Old ways under a new flag IPS 19/12/2019

"They would call you a Gaddafist if you drove one of those 4 X 4 cars," says Bashar, emerging from one of those traffic jams in Tripoli. "Today almost every rebel commander has one.

The hidden truth behind Africa's biofuel business IPS 12/12/2019

The United Nations climate talks in Durban saw a fortnight of tense negotiation between the developed world and the rest of the world, but for some researchers and peasants around the world the focus has been on connecting the dots between so- called "green climate solutions", industrialised agriculture and chronic hunger.

Native peoples under siege around the Globe IPS 12/12/2019

In polished versions of U.S. history, the near-extermination of Native Americans in the United States is an unsightly blemish that continues to be glossed over to this day. Yet the struggles of indigenous peoples are not exclusive to the United States and have grown increasingly complex in modern times.

Returning to an unsettled home in Sudan IPS 12/12/2019

Joyous reunions accompanied the latest batch of South Sudanese returning from Sudan to their newly independent homeland. But the returnees will face huge challenges integrating into South Sudan, which became the world’s newest nation on Jul. 9, but also one of the poorest.

Aid dependency on the decline IPS 05/12/2019

Poor countries have depended on rich nations to supplement their sector budget without which millions of people would have continued to live in abject poverty. Have the years of funding made these countries any less dependent?

Clinton champions gender agenda at Busan IPS 05/12/2019

Women toil in the fields for most of their lives producing food and strengthening the largely agricultural economy of African countries, but when their fathers, husbands or older sons die, they are no longer welcome on land they may have tended for years.

Farming by phone IPS 05/12/2019

Francis Mburu used to keep indigenous cattle in Entasopia village in the semi- arid Kajiado region, 160 kilometres southwest of Nairobi. However, increasing temperatures and frequent droughts in Kenya have made this difficult in recent years. But now, in an area that has never had electricity, where education is not a priority or sometimes not an option at all, residents of Entasopia are using a solar-powered internet facility to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.

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