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Making a hot cup of Rooibos Tea unaffordable IPS 28/11/2019

South Africa’s Rooibos tea has become a popular drink all around the globe. But prices of the herbal brew could shoot up within the next decade, as the Rooibos plant can only grow in one small region in the world – which is severely affected by climate change.

How to prevent 'Femicide' IPS 28/11/2019

Vanina Alderete, an 18-year-old from Argentina, is a survivor of a particularly heinous case of domestic violence: when she was 11, her father killed her mother and her two little brothers and left her seriously injured.

Millions stand to benefit from farmers' co-ops IPS 28/11/2019

The 925 million people who went hungry in 2010 are just one facet of an ever-worsening food security crisis. Both food producers and consumers face the consequences of price volatility and unsustainable agricultural practices - challenges that leave leaders on local and global levels alike seeking sustainable models for agriculture.

Aid dwindles disease spreads IPS 21/11/2019

Doctors in Mogadishu are warning that famine victims in internally displaced camps have become vulnerable to contagious diseases like cholera and measles, as conditions here are ripe for an outbreak. This comes as internally displaced persons complain that relief aid to some camps has dwindled or stopped.

No political will to support generic medication IPS 21/11/2019

South African health experts are calling on governments to use legally available mechanisms to promote the production or import of generic drugs in their countries.

The poor need insurance too IPS 21/11/2019

Poor families are well aware of the devastating effects of unforeseen expenses on their lives. Microinsurance, a recent microfinance tool, has the potential to limit their vulnerability and combat poverty, experts say.

World’s biggest hydropower scheme will leave Africans in the dark IPS 21/11/2019

South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed an agreement to build a major hydroelectric power project, which is said to bring electricity to more than half of the continent’s 900 million people. But economic analysts warn that foreign investors will prevent the grid from benefiting the general public.

Cornered in free Libya IPS 14/11/2019

"We’ve walked all the way here to tell everybody that we are being treated like dogs," said 23-year old Hamuda Bubakar, among a couple of hundred black refugees protesting at Martyrs Square in Tripoli. "I’d rather be killed here. I wouldn’t be the first, or the last."

'Reducing inequality should be a political priority' IPS 14/11/2019

José Domingo Guariglia interviews Heraldo Muñoz, United Nations Development Programme Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Wanted: A revolution for girls IPS 14/11/2019

Sixteen-year-old Noor Bano believes nothing short of a revolution will convince the men in Malangabad – her remote village in the Khairpur district of the Sindh province, some 460 kilometres from the southern port city of Karachi – to treat women as equals.

Who is the 99 percent? – part 2 IPS 07/11/2019

The second instalment that focuses on understanding who make up the global phenomenon that has, literally, taken over city centres the world over. Here the division between the urban worker and the rural immigrant in America serves as a reminder that there is more than one occupation going on within America’s borders.

Trafficked to Baghdad’s Green Zone IPS 07/11/2019

Ukrainian and Bulgarian workers are currently camped out on a construction site of half-built luxury villas in Baghdad’s elite "Green Zone" – a vast security enclave housing government offices, embassies and international NGOs - demanding their salaries before being shipped back home.

Toxic electronic waste in Ghana's capital, Accra, contaminates nearby areas IPS 07/11/2019

Mountains of hazardous waste grow by about 40 million tons every year. This waste, mostly from Europe and North America, is burned in developing countries like Ghana in a hazardous effort to recover valuable metals.

EcoMobility gaining ground around the world IPS 07/11/2019

Berlin is a big capital city of a country famed for making excellent automobiles, but it can no longer afford roads and is now moving people by transit, bike and especially through walking.

Rehabilitating former child soldiers who liked killing IPS 07/11/2019

Murhula’s* life changed forever when he was nine years old. It was the year that he learned to kill, torture and rape.

New inequality data likely to boost Occupy movement IPS 31/10/2019

A new study by the American government finds that even in the land of unrestrained capitalism the global trend for growing inequality has taken root. As this study is digested the big question is how the emergent protest global movement will respond.

Prisoners find their E-families IPS 31/10/2019

For the first time since giving birth in prison 13 years ago, Sarah, an inmate in the Philippines’ largest detention centre for female convicts, saw her daughter via Skype video chat in her prison cell.

Seven billion people, seven billion possibilities, says UNFPA IPS 31/10/2019

When Adnan Nevic was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina back in October 1999, he was hailed as the world's six billionth person, triggering a visit to Sarajevo by then Secretary- General Kofi Annan.

Who are the 99%? IPS 31/10/2019

Barely a month after the first group of protesters set up its encampment in Zuccotti Park in New York City, the phrase "We are the 99 percent" has already become legendary.

Stigma surrounding breast cancer stymies prevention efforts IPS 31/10/2019

The stigma surrounding cancer and in particular breast cancer is prevalent in most counties around the world. What may be seen as a Western problem is in fact the cause of much needless suffering and even death all around the world, including in Ghana where the story of one woman’s fight epitomises the struggle faced by educators and medics the world over.

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