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Anti G20 Summit groups prepare their case IPS 28/10/2019

Anti-G20 Summit Prepares Its Case Anti-globalisation and anti-capitalist groups are gathering ahead of the G20 meeting in Cannes in the south of France next week.

No end to mass rapes: "It's a miserable life" IPS 24/10/2019

In a small village close to Bukavu, in the democratic Republic of Congo, 61 year old Angeline Mwarusena lives in continual fear. Her village is relatively prosperous, with good harvests and fertile soil. The surroundings are lush and beautiful, but this is no ordinary village. For the locals call it the ‘village of rape’.

Death threats fail to stop women's basketball IPS 24/10/2019

There are some people who would kill to play for their country in their chosen sport, and then there are those who might be killed. In Somalia the story of one women’s fight to play the sport she loves embodies the power of determination, the passion of sport and the refusal of the human spirit to bow down to intimidation.

Harnessing diaspora funds for development financing IPS 17/10/2019

When the final aid figures for 2010 were tallied early this year, industrial nations claimed a record-high 129 billion dollars in official development assistance (ODA) to the world's poorer nations.

Minister trying to create a "Paper Tiger" human rights commission IPS 17/10/2019

Zimbabwe’s justice minister is frantically trying to fend off probes into allegations of human rights abuses perpetrated by President Robert Mugabe’s regime since the country’s independence in 1980.

Rural women organise to weather multiple crises IPS 17/10/2019

Adelaida Avelino, 60, is still devastated by the loss of her corn and wheat harvest, which were destroyed by the freeze that hit the Mexican state of Tlaxcala a month ago. But at least her medicinal plants survived.

Backlash swells against new "Gilded Age" IPS 11/10/2019

The encampment of disenchanted young protesters in New York City's financial district has exposed growing anger around the United States over rising inequality and a stubborn jobs crisis.

Mixed reviews for Johnson-Sirleaf’s Nobel Peace Prize IPS 11/10/2019

As the Norwegian Nobel Committee named Liberian President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf a joint winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, opposition party supporters were flooding the streets of Monrovia to demand that she be voted out of office in the upcoming election.

"Leaderless" protest movement continues to snowball IPS 10/10/2019

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you – then you win," a middle-aged man yells into the microphone from a makeshift stage erected at the far end of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC.

Picking a living in hellish landscape IPS 10/10/2019

Garbage pickers, emaciated dogs and carrion birds alike all hunt for items of value at the Cambalache garbage dump, before they have to give way to the smouldering fire that burns up to 900 tonnes of waste a day in the open air, spreading its smoke over Ciudad Guayana in northeastern Venezuela.

Iranians in Iraqi camp to seek refugee status IPS 03/10/2019

In a development that could help resolve an eight-year-old diplomatic and humanitarian standoff, the Mujaheddin-e Khalq (MEK), an Iranian opposition group that has several thousand adherents at a military camp in Iraq, has agreed to allow residents to apply for refugee status and be interviewed individually by U.N. officials.

Single women begin to rebuild IPS 03/10/2019

For Magei Kasai the battle against hardships did not end when the guns fell silent two years ago in the Sri Lankan civil war. New battles began for survival, for herself and for what was left of her family.

The abandoned offspring of oil IPS 03/10/2019

Kobina’s legs are dappled with scars. He gets them flitting across the beach in Sekondi, in southwest Ghana, slipping in the soot-black mud and clambering over pirogues slippery with fish guts, only to sell a sachet of water or a freshly peeled orange to fishermen working on the shore. He is a child: just 10 years old. But he earns a living selling food to locals.

Déterminer le coût de l’éducation IPS 03/10/2019

Une grève formelle des enseignants a été évitée et les écoliers en Sierra Leone ont repris les cours le 20 septembre, près d'une semaine après que le semestre devait commencer officiellement.

Des enfants sont enlevés dans leurs maisons IPS 03/10/2019

Dans des villages à travers le Soudan du Sud, des enfants sont enlevés dans leurs maisons au milieu de la nuit, et ne reverront plus jamais leurs familles.

Combate à aliança pólio-Talibã IPS 03/10/2019

Enquanto a província paquistanesa de Khyber Pakhtunkhwa se converte na “capital mundial da poliomilite” as autoridades advertem os pais que dar crédito à propaganda do Talibã contra a vacinação pode levá-los para a prisão.

Os filhos abandonados do petróleo IPS 03/10/2019

As pernas de Kobina estão cheias de cicatrizes, conseguidas caminhando pelas praias de Sekondi, sudoeste de Gana, e subindo em canoas para poder vender um pouco de água ou laranja aos pescadores que trabalham na costa.

‘Missing girls is about femicide’ IPS 22/09/2019

India has been ranked the fourth most dangerous country in the world for women, but the widespread practice of selectively aborting female foetuses may make it the most hostile to the female gender.

Flood relief by caste, creed IPS 22/09/2019

With just the clothes on their backs, Moora Sanafdhano, 68, and his family of nine waded through waist-deep flood waters swirling through their village of Allah Ditto Leghari, saving themselves in the nick of time.

Not in the Name of the Quran IPS 22/09/2019

Islamic regimes look for provisions and precedents to carry out the death sentence in the name of Islam. But, says Dr. Mohammad Al-Habash, director of the Islamic Studies Centre in Damascus, they are not looking enough at 13 provisions within the Quran to commute the death sentence to a lesser punishment.

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