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More farmers kicked off land in ongoing invasions SW Radio Africa 27/06/2019

More commercial farmers have been kicked off their land in recent weeks as part of ongoing invasions across Zimbabwe.

Four new professional cartoons on SNS Sardonic Salad 20/06/2019

American cartoonists Kit Lowrance and Chad Isely have created a one-panel comic called Sardonic Salad. The second batch of these witty and funny cartoons are now available free of charge for SNS members.

Interview: Giulia Binazzi Red Petal 20/06/2019

Giulia Binazzi has a degree in Political Science and she attended a Master’s in Human Rights and Conflict Management. Since the beginning of her career she has worked in defense of children and adults in need and she has faced very hard topics. Together with UNHCR she attended to refugees. With Doctors Without Borders she looked after people landed in Sicily. Today she is working for Naga, a NGO that offers free medical, legal and social assistance to foreigner citizens, Roma, Sinti, asylum seekers, refugees and victims of torture.

Intervista: Giulia Binazzi Petali Rossi 20/06/2019

Laureata in Scienze Politiche e con un Master in Diritti Umani e Gestione dei Conflitti, Giulia Binazzi sin dall’inizio del suo percorso professionale ha lavorato in difesa di minori e adulti in difficoltà, affrontando temi politicamente “caldissimi”. Con UNHCR è stata accanto ai rifugiati. Con Medici Senza Frontiere si è occupata delle persone sbarcate in Sicilia. Oggi è impegnata al Naga, associazione che offre assistenza sanitaria, legale e sociale gratuita a cittadini stranieri irregolari e non, rom, sinti, richiedenti asilo, rifugiati e vittime della tortura.

Mozambique tries to clean up illicit diamond trade SW Radio Africa 20/06/2019

Mozambique is said to be in the process of trying to clean up its illicit diamond trade, amid ongoing reports that the country is the central hub of smuggling from Zimbabwe.

Climate change is a gender issue GenderLinks 20/06/2019

Imagine a woman we’ll call Ruth Chitekwele. She is worried about the future, especially what might happen to her children.

World Day Against Child Labour: South Africa’s forgotten children GenderLinks 13/06/2019

The theme for this year’s World Day Against Child Labour is “Caution! Children in Hazardous Work”.

IMF, the Paris Elite and Madame Lagarde's 'Perfect English' InDepthNews 13/06/2019

Paris journalists argued in a recent "debate" on the national public radio 'France Info' that Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is an ideal European nominee to lead the International Monetary Fund (IMF) because she speaks "such perfect English".

Interview: Maria Springer, co-founder of Kito International, an organization that employs Kenyan street youth Dowser 13/06/2019

When a good idea is executed poorly, the smart social entrepreneur will often scrap the project and go back to the drawing board. Maria Springer is the co-founder of Kito International an organization that employs Kenyan street youth in BoP (Base of the Pyramid) businesses.

Opinion: Let’s put an end to the media’s gender blackout GenderLinks 06/06/2019

On 3 May journalists the world over commemorated World Press Freedom Day with gusto and pomp. They used the opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future events that have shaped the profession.

ZANU PF torture agent not immune from prosecution in the UK SW Radio Africa 06/06/2019

A self confessed ZANU PF henchman, who has controversially received asylum in the UK, will not be immune from prosecution abroad for the crimes he allegedly committed.

Interview: Ivorian priest offers haven for displaced people UNHCR 06/06/2019

In November last year, crisis erupted in Ivory Coast over disputed results of the presidential election. The United Nations recognised Alassane Ouattara as the new president, but the then-incumbent Laurent Gbagbo refused to step down. Months of conflict ensued between their troops and supporters, causing hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee their homes across this West African country.

Southern Africa: What has gender got to do with media freedom? GenderLinks 30/05/2019

This 3 May marked 20 years of the Windhoek Declaration on Promoting Independent and Pluralistic Media, which was endorsed by UNESCO and the United Nations General Assembly in 1991. This endorsement ultimately led to the creation of 3 May as “World Press Freedom Day”.

SADC turns its back on human rights SW Radio Africa 30/05/2019

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has made the potentially devastating decision to dissolve the regional human rights court, for at least another year.

Poorest Promised New Deal, Yet Again InDepthNews 23/05/2019

While the prospect of halving poverty by 2015 as proclaimed by the United Nations at the turn of the millennium looks bleak, yet another UN conference has resolved to halve to 24 the number of world's poorest and most vulnerable nations -- known as the least developed countries (LDCs) - by 2021.

Photo feature: Barefoot Power brings solar lighting to East Africa Dowser 23/05/2019

A couple hours drive on a dusty road outside of the southern town of Masaka, Uganda, you’ll find Musubiro Village. Miles from the closest electricity grid, there is little hope of government power coming this way anytime soon.

Analysis: South African politicians need to help sisters do it for themselves GenderLinks 18/05/2019

Riding a taxi home the other day I was somewhat in awe of the woman driving it. She appeared to be the owner of the vehicle, in her mid forties, dignified and commanding respect simply by the look of pride on her face.

Professional cartoons now available on SNS Sardonic Salad 16/05/2019

American cartoonists Kit Lowrance and Chad Isely have created a one-panel comic called Sardonic Salad, and the episodes are now available free of charge for SNS members. The witty and funny Sardonic Salad cartoons have entertained readers across the globe.

Southern Africa: Give sportswomen an equal chance GenderLinks 16/05/2019

It is humbling and inspiring to imagine what Southern Africa’s outstanding sportswomen had to do in order to reach the top.

South Africa: Empowered faith, empowered women GenderLinks 09/05/2019

“Your husband is king.” This was recently the group consensus at a ladies faith-based study in the informal settlement of Masiphumelele in Cape Town. Agreement was muttered around the room as heads nodded.

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