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Diaspora diaries SW Radio Africa 04/03/2019

The South African government is facing growing criticism for displaying too much pragmatism in its reaction to different African crises, amid concern that this sets a precedent of complicity in dictatorships in Zimbabwe, Libya and the Ivory Coast. In this instalment of Diaspora Diaries, SW Radio Africa's Alex Bell asks what kind of threat this is for Africa. She speaks to Dimpho Motsamai a researcher from the Institute for Security Studies, and Zimbabwean human rights defender Gabriel Shumba.

Arab uprisings are not exciting Asian youth InDepth News 28/02/2019

Two issues that have been attracting headlines recently, one in Indonesia and another in the Philippines, perhaps explain why Asian youth are not all that excited about the youth uprisings and their dramatic success in the Middle East.

Forty-six activists charged with treason in Zimbabwe SW Radio Africa 28/02/2019

Munyaradzi Gwisai, radical leader of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) in Zimbabwe, plus 45 other student and trade union activists, were on Wednesday charged with treason or plotting to ‘overthrow a constitutionally elected government.’

Getting to grips with landgrabbing CIDSE 14/02/2019

The food, financial and energy crises of the last couple of years are leading to massive land speculation and fears that the world will not be able to meet its food needs in the future. As a result, land grabbing, a phenomenon which is putting in peril the food security of millions of small farmers, is quickly becoming one of the most alarming issues of our time.

'Jaam nga am?' Greetings from the World Social Forum CIDSE 07/02/2019

When travelling to a new country learning a few local expressions is a must for me. Jaam nga am was the first I was practiced upon arrival in Dakar. It is used as ‘how are you?’ a friendly Senegalese man told me, although it actually means ‘have you peace?’ Instinctively ‘I uttered I wish I did.’ Roeland Scholtalbers of CIDSE writes from the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal about the meeting’s dreams of justice and peace.

What Tunisia and Egypt mean for Ethiopia InDepth News 02/02/2019

The news headlines are invariably dominated by the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. Egypt in particular is at the core of international suspense. If Mubarak is successfully ousted, the protests will most certainly spread to other countries. But for many pundits, the surprising restraints of the security services also dominate their thoughts.

Scrutiny over new Zimbabwe diamond deal SW Radio Africa 31/01/2019

Diamond trade watchdog, the Kimberley Process (KP) is facing scrutiny over a newly amended deal to allow exports from Zimbabwe’s controversial Chiadzwa diamond fields.

“Don’t abandon Somalia” UN warns InDepth News 31/01/2019

Twenty years after the Somalia President Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted on January 26, 2019, the country remains embroiled in an endless cycle of civil war, religious conflict and clan violence, and has come to be known as a failed state.

African elites bear huge responsibility InDepth News 24/01/2019

The African continent has never been poor in materials and human resources, but people continue to be trapped in the "poverty of the spirit". The impoverishment of vast parts of the national populations in African countries is a reality the diplomats and elites are confronted with and have to handle in their everyday conduct.

Confronting the JFK assassination: where do we find hope when a peacemaking president is assassinated? Street Spirit (USA) 24/01/2019

James Douglass is the author of JFK and the Unspeakable, a controversial new book about the events leading up John F Kennedy's assassination. In an exclusive extract, made available to street newspapers here, he justifies his claims.

What Russia has in Common with Pakistan and Somalia InDepth News 17/01/2019

What does Russia have in common with countries such as strife-torn post-war Iraq, unpredictable North Korea, crisis-ridden Pakistan and the failed state called Somalia?

Hiding from death O Trecheiro (Brasil) 27/12/2019

In 2010, 31 homeless people were murdered in Maceió, Brazil – 10% of the city’s street population. This article outlines the negligence of the authorities in the aftermath and paints a picture of hopelessness among the city’s homeless, who have little hope of escaping the vicious circle of violence, drug addiction and poverty. The author calls for changes to a system which is set up to let these people die – whether it be through murder, starvation or exhaustion.

Janus view of Guatemala InDepth News 13/12/2019

Something extraordinary happened in Guatemala City on December 2: Jean Marie Simon's historic photos of the crimes committed by the Guatemalan army during the civil war's peak years that exsanguinated the Central American country between 1979 and 1983, were shown in a unique exhibition in what used to be the Guatemalan government's headquarters, the so-called National Palace, downtown in the capital.

German Chancellor Merkel in U.S. Freedom Awards List InDepth News 29/11/2019

In Germany, some supporters of the Green Party believe that right now the wind is at their back. At the White House, nevertheless, Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel clearly remains No. 1. She is the only non-American political leader currently holding office who will be honored with the 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom. One other German head of government was similarly honoured in 1999: Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Bringing harm reduction out of the shadows NASNA 22/11/2019

With the War on Drugs widely seen as a failure, Katie Hyslop investigates how activists and governments in the United States and Canada are beginning to use harm reduction policies in order to help keep addicts alive.

Diamond firm ACR charged with fraud over Chiadzwa claim SW Radio Africa 15/11/2019

The London listed diamond firm in the middle of a legal battle for ownership of the controversial Chiadzwa alluvial diamond site, has been charged with fraud, as the government strengthens its claim of the area.

World closer to enforcing treaty outlawing nuclear explosions InDepth News 15/11/2019

Almost 190 countries around the world have reaffirmed the critical importance of enforcing the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996. The treaty outlaws all atomic explosions in all environments, for military or civilian purpose. Interview of Tibor Tóth, CTBTO Executive Secretary.

G-20 urged to push for eradicating corruption InDepth News 01/11/2019

While releasing the 2010 'Corruption Perceptions Index', Transparency International has lauded the Group of 20 (G-20) for recognising corruption as "a global problem that must be addressed in global policy reforms".

Restrictive measures’ by EU are not sanctions against Zimbabwe SW Radio Africa 01/11/2019

MEP Geoffrey Van Orden, who leads the European Parliament's campaign for freedom and democratic change in Zimbabwe, recently spoke out about the targeted sanctions placed on Zimbabwe by the European Union, and about the current row that was initiated by Mugabe’s unilateral appointment of ambassadors and governors.

SA parliamentary team vows against unconstitutional information bill SW Radio Africa 01/11/2019

The South African Parliamentary team dealing with the controversial draft protection of information bill has said it will not approve the bill if it is clearly unconstitutional.

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