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Activists in Hong Kong campaign for Liu’s release InDepth News 25/10/2019

Over one hundred mainland China intellectuals and activists have issued and signed an open letter urging the Beijing government to release Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo and to seize this as an opportune moment to embrace democracy peacefully.

How will South Africa use its seat on the UN Security Council? SW Radio Africa News 19/10/2019

South Africa says it wants to use its newly acquired non-permanent seat on the United Nations (UN) Security Council to fight for the reform of the powerful world grouping.

European banks refuse to finance Zimbabwean diamond transactions SW Radio Africa 18/10/2019

Two top European banking groups have said they will not finance international diamond transactions with Zimbabwe, citing reputation concerns over dealing with the country.

Five corporations top hall of shame InDepth News 18/10/2019

Five key corporations from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are known to be violating tribal peoples' rights worldwide, have been uplifted into the dubious category of 'Top 5 Hall of Shame'. This questionable status has been awarded by Survival, an international organization supporting tribal peoples around the globe.

UN launches decade for combating desertification in Asia InDepth News 18/10/2019

In run-up to the UN conference on biological diversity in Nagoya, the United Nations has launched the Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification for the Asian region where close to 40 percent of the land area is affected by drought and land degradation. This is also the region with the largest population suffering from the impacts of desertification.

More diamond fields discovered in Zimbabwe SW Radio Africa 18/10/2019

There has been a mixed reaction to news that three more large deposits of diamonds have been discovered, with widespread scepticism that the find will benefit Zimbabweans.

Americans seek lighter foreign policy footprint InDepth News 11/10/2019

A visiting Asian Prime Minister told a New York audience in 1956 that in his view "historical circumstances had cast global responsibilities on the U.S. for which Americans were not fully prepared." Now, over half a century later, a whopping majority percent of Americans -- actually, 90 percent -- want those responsibilities to be carried out in a subdued manner.

Commonwealth Games fiasco exposes development myth 04/10/2019

By sheer coincidence I happened to be in Delhi on the very day the Commonwealth Games fiasco was unravelling, exposing the shortcomings of the GDP based economic growth model.

Think tanks flourishing in China InDepth News 01/10/2019

China has become a key player in international politics. But beyond the countless articles and reports on the economic and political rise of China, very little is known about the intellectual revolution unfolding in parallel. Though, since the opening up of the country in the 1980s and the end of Maoism as a political model, China has rediscovered its Confucian, intellectual tradition and is now buzzing with new ways of thinking.

Aboriginal town misses out on the mining bonanza InDepth News 27/09/2019

Allery Sandy, 55, is humming and painting the story of the Pilbara landscape, one of the most resource rich regions in Australia. Her canvas is resplendent with colour depicting rivers, flowers, blue gum and open scrub land dotted with Spinifex grass and iron-ore.

Asia and Europe - the twain must meet InDepth News 27/09/2019

The Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) on October 4-5 will be the biggest international gathering in Brussels, bringing together 48 Asian and European countries, joined by senior European Union officials and the secretary general of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Russia, Australia and New Zealand will be welcomed as new members.

UN Report slams Israel for fragmenting Palestine InDepth News 20/09/2019

A new United Nations report has cautiously criticized Israel for undermining the prospects of a two-State resolution of the conflict by "breeding not only economic disparities but also social and political polarization" in Palestine.

Japan aid agency to strengthen ties with China and Korea InDepth News 20/09/2019

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is set to strengthen bilateral ties and global development work with key institutions in China and South Korea in the wake of a four-day visit to those countries by Sadako Ogata who presides over the agency.

Kenya takes the lead in East Africa to handle e-Waste InDepth News 13/09/2019

Kenya is expected become the first country in East Africa to develop regulations on the management of electronic waste (e-waste), with a view to minimizing the impacts of the unsafe disposal of electronic products on public health and the environment.

The long road from retail chain to global environment InDepth News 13/09/2019

They are engaged in greening activities at home and abroad: tree planting in the Great Wall area in China, around the Quindao Lao Mountain Dam, in south Thailand, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, in areas around the World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, and in Kenya.

Moving to a safer world with a million pleas campaign InDepth News 06/09/2019

As the threat of nuclear annihilation becomes more real than ever before, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Australia has launched a 'Million Pleas' campaign, emphasising the urgency to rid the world of these weapons.

Textile workers rock Bangladesh InDepth News 06/09/2019

Over the past month, Bangladesh's textile industry, one of the most exploitative in the world, has been rocked by strikes and protests.

Preparing for a flood NEXT Newspapers (Nigeria) 05/09/2019

More than 5,000 people became homeless in 2007 after the Ogun River flooded, but successive Nigerian governments have done little to address the threat of flooding in the affected states. In an attempt to hold politicians accountable, this article reveals the government’s flood plan and outlines the impact of flooding on the lives of local people.

Child labour flourishing in fast growing economies InDepth News 30/08/2019

Nearly 160 million kids aged between five and fourteen are trapped in child labour world wide. They are everywhere but invisible, toiling as domestic servants in homes, labouring behind the walls of workshops, hidden from view in plantations, handling chemicals and pesticides in agriculture, working in mines, or operating dangerous machinery.

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