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Americans view debt deadlock with worry and scorn Reuters 01/08/2019

Americans already concerned about their jobs begged Washington politicians to stop dithering, cut the budget and resolve a debt crisis they fear could lead to higher interest rates, or worse.

Timeline: Mass shooting incidents in last 20 years Reuters 27/07/2019

Here is a timeline of some of the worst shooting incidents carried out by one or two gunmen around the world in the last 20 years.

Brutal attack tests "openness" of Norwegian society Reuters 25/07/2019

Before Friday's deadly attacks by a Norwegian on a self-styled mission to save European "Christendom" from Islam, it was not uncommon to see Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg taking public transport to work and senior ministers walking in Oslo without bodyguards.

Massacre exposes incendiary immigration issue Reuters 25/07/2019

Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik said he killed 76 people to spark a "revolution" against the multiculturalism he believed was sapping Europe's heritage, and experts say a frank debate about immigration may be the best way to prevent similar explosions of violence.

Serbia arrests last major war crimes fugitive Hadzic Reuters 20/07/2019

Serbia arrested the last major war crimes suspect from the 1990s Yugoslav conflicts on Wednesday, closing what its president called a "burdensome" page in the country's history.

Murdoch affair spotlights dirty detectives Reuters 20/07/2019

In a small, semi-detached house overlooking a park in the unlovely suburb of Croydon, Jorge Salgado-Reyes sits at a glass-topped desk in his living room plying his trade as a private eye.

How fuel smuggling keeps Gaddafi machine running Reuters 18/07/2019

Yacine, a 24-year old Tunisian in jeans and an oil-stained red T-shirt, has been busy since war broke out next door in Libya. Yacine is the owner of a corrugated iron shack on the side of the road that cuts through the desert from the Tunisian town of Ben Gardane to the border with Libya.

Child malnutrition in Somalia at dire levels, says ICRC Reuters 18/07/2019

One in 10 children in parts of drought-hit Somalia is at risk of starving to death, twice as many as recently as March, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Svært mange akutt underernærte barn i Somalia, melder Det internasjonale Røde Kors Reuters 18/07/2019

Én av ti barn i deler av tørkerammede Somalia står i fare for å sulte i hjel. Dette er dobbelt så mange som i mars, ifølge Den internasjonale Røde Kors-komiteen (ICRC).

Taboo eases on talk of Greek euro zone exit Reuters 11/07/2019

In public, the official line remains that no member will exit the single currency bloc, but policymakers are at least willing to exchange views on an intellectual level.

Newspaper scandal eases Murdoch grip on UK politics Reuters 11/07/2019

The demise of Britain's biggest-selling newspaper is likely to weaken media mogul Rupert Murdoch's grip on British politics, at least in the short-term, after a phone hacking scandal that has tarnished Prime Minister David Cameron.

China says will be friends with Sudan no matter what Reuters 01/07/2019

Chinese President Hu Jintao said that relations with Sudan would remain good no matter what changes may occur as the African nation prepares for its south to secede.

South Sudan president steers nation to independence Reuters 01/07/2019

Salva Kiir's reputation as the quiet man of Sudanese politics, with an eccentric taste in cowboy hats, masks a wily operator who is about to steer his impoverished region into full statehood on July 9.

Nuclear terrorism can cause another Fukushima, says expert Reuters 27/06/2019

Global action to protect the nuclear industry against possible terrorist attacks is urgently needed, a leading expert said, as are safety steps to prevent any repeat of Japan's Fukushima accident.

Afghan opium output hit by disease, but Myanmar's rises Reuters 27/06/2019

Global production of opium fell 38 percent in 2010 as plant disease hit crops in top producer Afghanistan, but output in number two producer Myanmar rose sharply, says the United Nations report.

Europe's other crisis Reuters 22/06/2019

Like tens of thousands of migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean in the six months since the beginning of the Arab Spring, Yohanes came looking for a safer, more prosperous life.

Afghanistan is most dangerous country for women Reuters 20/06/2019

Violence, dismal healthcare and brutal poverty make Afghanistan the world's most dangerous country for women, with Congo a close second due to horrific levels of rape, a Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll shows.

Food prices mean trouble for poor and politicians Reuters 20/06/2019

Just a few months ago Alpheus Molepo's daily lunch of "pap" or corn meal and meat cost 20 rand (2.04 pounds). Now it costs 25 rand.

The world's most dangerous countries for women Reuters 15/06/2019

Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan are the world's most dangerous countries for women due to a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape to dismal healthcare and "honour killings," a Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll shows.

After Japan, where's the next nuclear weak link? Reuters 13/06/2019

Imagine a country where corruption is rampant, infrastructure is very poor, or the quality of security is in question. Now what if that country built a nuclear power plant?

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