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Smetiště v Lusace – živná půda pro choleru Street News Service 20/01/2019

Mouchy rojící se kolem obrovských hald odpadků jsou v Lusace běžnou podívanou. Úřady hlavního města Zambie totiž nezajišťují svoz ani poloviny městského odpadu. Většina odpadu je spalována nebo zakopávána na dvorcích, nebo vyhazována na nelegální skládky. Výsledkem je zvýšený výskyt cholery a jiná zdravotní rizika.

Compulsory, not free education is the future Street News Service 14/01/2019

When Malawi became the first sub-Saharan African country to introduce free basic education in 1994, it was supposed to be a trailblazer. Instead, it has become a cautionary tale on how poor implementation can harm a noble project.

Photographer sleeps rough to document homelessness in Hull Street News Service 14/01/2019

British photographer Jerome Whittingham spent 48 hours living on the streets of the English city of Hull. He accompanied Jonathan, for whom the city's streets are currently home, during the coldest winter the UK has seen in many years. He documented it through a remarkable photo series, available here.

The power of a helping hand Street News Service 13/01/2019

Southern Sudan's future is being decided through a long awaited referendum. Is it easy to provide assistance to this troublesome region, which could soon become the world's newest country? An interview with the head of a leading Polish charity proves that there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, and that the willingness to offer a helping hand to ordinary people overcomes a mountain of obstacles and barriers.

Giving birth, losing life Street News Service 13/01/2019

To Leonard Chikumbu, the two graves he passes each morning remain a painful reminder of how much he has lost in his 29 years on earth. The graves, one smaller in size flanking a much bigger one, bear the bodies of Chikumbu’s dead child and that of his deceased first wife, Grace.

The gender divide in Africa - breaking the glass ceiling Street News Service 13/01/2019

International protocols, by their very nature, can be long on optimism and short on pragmatism. So, when the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) set its 15 members lofty targets and a strict deadline with its Protocol on Gender and Development, even the most positive gender activist couldn’t have expected politicians to pay more than lip service to the document’s ‘outlandish’ demands.

Emancipatie in Afrika – hoe kan het glazen plafond worden doorbroken? Street News Service 13/01/2019

Internationale verdragen staan vaak bol van het optimisme. Daarbij wordt soms voorbij gegaan aan het feit dat de werkelijkheid vaak weerbarstig is. Dat gold ook voor het Gender en Ontwikkelings protocol dat de Coöperatie van de zuidelijke Afrikaanse ontwikkelingslanden (Southern Africa Development Community - SADC) in 2008 opstelde. Activisten waren kritisch. Waren de doelstellingen niet té ambitieus? En de strakke deadline, was die wel realistisch genoeg? Fnuikend werd gesteld dat het Gender en Ontwikkelingsprotocol vooral veel politieke praatjes en beloften inhield en waarschijnlijk tot weinig echte daden zou leiden.

Gay support crucial in fight against AIDS Street News Service 12/01/2019

Malawi has, of recent, taken the bold step to include its much-maligned gay community in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Though lauded internationally, it’s a move that has won its advocates few admirers and much ridicule back at home.

Wasteland –a breeding ground for cholera Street News Service 12/01/2019

Flies swarming around large heaps of garbage are a common sight in Zambia's sprawling capital. Less than half of the city's waste is being collected. The rest is burned, buried in backyards or illegally dumped, with cholera as a result.

Poverty remains, despite the acronyms Street News Service 12/01/2019

PEAP… NUSAF… RDS…NAADS… The acronyms have been as bland as they have been varied. The opponent remains the same and as obdurate as ever. Similarly, the end result is still just as predictable. Whatever the approach and despite years of endeavour, it’s safe to say that Uganda’s struggle against poverty remains just that; a struggle, and especially one with no triumph in sight.

Enormous challenges in southern Sudan Street News Service 07/01/2019

World leaders are being urged not to forget southern Sudan after the region’s historical independence referendum this week.

Z przyjaźni dla zwykłych ludzi Street News Service 06/01/2019

Sudan Południowy to jeden z najmniej rozwiniętych regionów świata. Brakuje wody, żywności, leków. Tylko jedna czwarta dzieci ma dostęp do edukacji, a śmiertelność kobiet przy porodach jest najwyższa na świecie. Średnia długość życia to ok. 40 lat. Na czym polega zaangażowanie Polskiej Akcji Humanitarnej w kraju o tak ogromnych potrzebach? Rozmowa z Janiną Ochojską – prezes Polskiej Akcji Humanitarnej

Women's initiation in Zambia: learning the art of dancing in bed Street News Service 05/01/2019

In the Zambian tradition of 'chinamwali', older women instruct the younger how to cook, clean and, intriguingly, how to have sex. Justine Sibomana was allowed to attend one of these private ceremonies, and found that watching was not an option.

Young hands carry the load Street News Service 05/01/2019

Chloe Stewart is 11, her sister Maisie is 13. They live with their mum Elaine, who doesn't work, in Perth, Scotland. Their dad isn’t around. Like most girls their age, they like TV and sleepovers. But at home, behind closed doors, the sisters face something very different to their friends.

Kockázatos üzletek Zambiában Street News Service 05/01/2019

Zambiában a lakosság majd 70 százaléka kis és közepes méretű vállalkozásokban dolgozik. De Samba Yonga riportjából kiderül, hogy a gazdaság ezen kulcsfontosságú ágazata küszködik a szükséges finanszírozás hiánya miatt.

Książę William: “Gazety uliczne są dla mnie inspiracją” Street News Service 05/01/2019

Spał na ulicach Londynu, aby osobiście doświadczyć, jak to jest być bezdomnym. Idąc w ślady swojej matki, Diany, Księżnej Walii, został Patronem Centrepoint – wiodącej organizacji charytatywnej na rzecz młodych bezdomych w Zjednoczonym Królestwie. Obecnie – po raz pierwszy od swoich zaręczyn ogłoszonych w zeszłym miesiącu – przekazuje słowa poparcia dla ruchu gazet ulicznych na całym świecie.

잠비아 여성들의 통과 의례- 침실의 미학 Street News Service 05/01/2019

잠비아의 통과 의례 중 ‘치남왈리’는 연륜있는 여인들이 젊은 세대에게 요리하고, 청소하는 법을 가르치고, 게다가 흥미로운 점은, 성관계 가지는 법을 전수한다는 것이다. 저스틴 시보마나는 이 비밀스런 의식에 방문허가를 받았고, 그녀는 이 방문허가가 직접적인 참여를 뜻함을 곧 알게되었다.

Den kvinnliga invigningsriten i Zambia – Konsten att dansa under lakanen Street News Service 05/01/2019

I enlighet med den zambiska traditionen chinamwali lär de äldre kvinnorna ut nästkommande generation hur man lagar mat, städar och, det mest fascinerande, hur man har sex. Justine Sibomana fick delta i en av de ytterst privata ceremonierna och insåg snart att titta på inte var ett alternativ.

Inwijding van vrouwen in Zambia – De kunst leren van het dansen in bed Street News Service 05/01/2019

In lijn met de Zambiaanse traditie ‘chinamwali’ leren de oudere vrouwen de jongere generatie over koken, schoonmaken en hoogst intrigerend, hoe ze seks moeten hebben. Justine Sibomana mocht zo’n zeer privéaangelegenheid bijwonen, en kwam er al snel achter dat alleen bijwonen geen optie was.

A iniciação das mulheres na Zâmbia – Aprendendo a arte de dançar na cama Street News Service 05/01/2019

Na tradição zambiana do 'chinamwali', mulheres mais velhas ensinam as gerações mais jovens a cozinhar, limpar e, mais intrigante, a fazer sexo. Justine Sibomana foi autorizada a estar presente numa destas cerimônias privadas, e depressa descobriu que apenas assistir não era uma opção.

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